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DWR-921 - Cannot login once the admin password is set

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Thanks for the advice guys.
@FurryNutz, it's probably not that big a security issue more than annoyance, it would have been good to know since I couldn't find anything about character limits in any other doco/mauals, maybe the password entry field at login should be modified to only accept eight characters like the configutation page does. I'll send an email to the DLink support address and let them do what they will with it.

@GreenBay42, the unit is running Rev C and I'll have to confirm but I'm pretty sure it's not the 921E. Thanks for the beta firmware offer but we don't really need a fix for this, just better, comprehensive documentation by DLink would be enough.

Discovered that the new password field only accepts the first 8 Characters
Confirmed this by typing "1234567890" logged out and used it as the password and could not login
used "12345678" and I logged in successfully


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