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DSP-W110 - BETA firmware for Scheduling Issues

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Please contact tech support in your region to report this issue - Email/Chat/Phone

BETA Firmware

Rev A - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DSP-W110/BETA/DSP-W110_A2_FW123B02.bin

Rev B - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DSP-W110/BETA/DSP-W110_B1_FW205b01.bin


Note: Write down the SSID and Wi-Fi password on the label of the DSP-W110. You need this for step 3.

1.Hold reset button and then power on the DSP and wait for 10 seconds then release reset button.

2.Using a laptop or computer with a wireless adapter, go to the IP settings and statically assign your computer to /

3. Connect wirelessly to your DSP SSID. ex: DSP-W110-xxxx (The SSID and password are on the label on the unit)

4.Open browser and go to (Recommend using Internet Explorer or Safari. Do not use Edge).

5.Upload the bin file.

6. Once rebooted, change your computer back to original settings. Open the mydlink Home app and reinstall the adapter.
A few days ago my DSP-110 version A smart plugs started correctly responding to the programmed schedules. The firmware has not been updated, still version 1.22. Can anyone explain what could have changed?  Do the smart plugs communicate with a D-Link Server in order to be activated per the schedule? If D-Link is working on an updated firmware version when can we expect it's release?


Yes they do communicate with the mydlink servers. There must have been a fix on the back-end. Hopefully this issue is resolved.

If you are still having issues, some users have reset the device and setup from scratch to fix.

D-Link has also received positive feedback on the BETA firmware posted. BETA has to go through final testing and certification before getting pushed via mydlink servers.
Thank you for the update.  I'll check for a released firmware update in a few weeks.

The schedules should work even without an internet connection, right? My plugs don't always have a connection so I'm not clear how this will/did fix itself.


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