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Question About DHP-P309AV

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Hello, I extend my LAN connection using powerline cable and I bought DHP-P309AV starter kit with pass-through socket. I plug the device in my working room and my bedroom. They both work normally but I want to know is it secure or not? How do I know that my connection secure or not? On side of the device have a button and I press it both device but nothing happen, it is just blinking shortly and back to normal. Thank you.

Power lines adapters are not a media that employs secure protocols as the connection isn't something that one would have access to from the WAN side. And the single between the two adapters goes over 110v power lines in the house. And the adapters come in pairs. Not sure if a secure connection is needed between the adapters while on the LAN side of the router and in house.  ;)

My device connect to router, if my neighbor using same adapter, they can join on my router right?


Thank you


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