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Firmware 1.02.00 Released


New firmware released.

Firmware --> ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-4802E/REVA/DCS-4802E_REVA_FIRMWARE_v1.02.00.zip

Release Notes:

Features added:
1. Supports XSS Specification 2.0.0.
2. Supports new rule signing digital signature.
3. Supports Japanese language.

1. Update html version to v2.02.08_min.
2. Update copyright information to 2017.
3. Modify ONVIF device information and scope name.
4. Forces the user to change the default password.

Problem Resolved:
1. Fixed issue of "Problem with received emails on iOS device- when send email with pictures, they could be loaded automatically in iOS 10 " (D-Track).
2. Fixed issue of “When set HTTP and RTSP port at the same time will reboot” (D-Lab).
3. Fixed issue of "When login or edit new password is not encrypted strongly" (D-Lab).


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