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DHP-346av Connectivity Help!



I bought this powerline hardware about 5 months ago so it is still relativiely new. I turned on my PC and realised that the powerline house icon has not lit up. This means (correct me if I'm wrong) that the two devices (one at my modem, the other at my workstation) are not recognise each other.

I have already tried turning it on and off, I have tried to factory reset for 1-2 seconds and 1 minute (on both adapters), uninstalled and installed the utility software again.

Need help!

Is there any setup software or wizards the come with this unit? I would run through the wizards and see if you can get it set up.

Be sure the units are connected to the same power line AC circuit in the house. I presume it night not work if connected to different circuits, not sure here.

I might contact D-Link support as well.

There was no setup wizard besides the utility program that came with it  :( d-link tech support wasn't helpful at all only asking me to repeat what I have already done by myself

I would test the unit using the same room and same power out let circuit to make sure it's working with the other unit that your attached too. This will help narrow down weather there is a interruption in connection else where. If it works all in the same room and circuit then you'll now the units are working.

If there is installable software, I would un-install it fully then re-install it.


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