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Hello everybody,

on my dap 1665, I've 2 networks (AP mode).
A first one at 2.4 GHz and a second at 5 GHz (wlan0).
The 2.4 GHz works well but randomly (let's say one time a day), the 5 GHz is down, i.e. my labtop and tablet can no longer detect it.
After a reboot, the connection is restored.
On the dap log appears alway the same item just before the breakdown: "wlan0: A STA is deleted by application program".

5 GHz network:
Channel Width: Auto 20/40/80MHz
Channel: 40
Security Mode: AUTO (WPA or WPA2)
Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Enable /Configured

May you help me?


* What Hardware version is your DAP? Look at the sticker under the DAP.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DAPs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
Has this DAP been working with the laptop and tablet before?

Wireless Configurations
Links>Wireless Installation Considerations and Managing Signal Congestion and Good Neighbour Policy

* Ensure the default (dlink) SSID name is changed. Ensure that different SSID names are used between each WiFi 2.4/5Ghz radios. Can be anything and not something that's already in use by any neighbouring WiFi routers. Under Setup/Wireless/Manual.
* What wireless modes are you using?
* Try single mode N or AC on 5Ghz?
* Try setting a manual Channel to a open or unused channel. Try channel 48 or 149 on 5Ghz.
* What security mode are you using? Preferred security is WPA-Personal. WPA2/AES Only.
* Ensure any devices with WiFi adapter drivers are updated.
* Any 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz cordless house phones or WiFi APs near by that maybe causing interferences?
* Any other WiFi routers in the area that maybe causing interferences? Link> Use a WiFi Scanner to find out. How many?

Many thanks for your fast reply.

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.16b01
Region: Europe

Has this DAP been working with the laptop and tablet before?
they have been changed from the defaut (dlink), different between 2.4 and 5 GHz and they are unique (I use wifi analyser to check the neighbouring).
wireless mode: AP

I will follow your other instructions for the futur:
Single AC (I was on N and AC mode)
Manual channel 48 (the mode was auto)
WPA2/AES (I was on auto and TKIP/AES)
Drivers of devices with wifi are updated.
I have a cordless house phone near my dap but the frequency used is around 1.9 GHz.
I use wifi analyser and I've no problem with others wifi routers.

Again thank a lot for your advice.

I would keep any electronics away from the DAP. At least 4-6 feet away.

Let us know if the changes suggestion help any...

Hi all,

I have the same problem with DAP-1665 HW Rev A Firmware 1.16b01

While i was reading the german support-page, i saw there is a information/note/hint next to the firmware version 1.14b06-01.
In german: "Sollte das 5GHz WLAN Ihres DAP-1665 immer mal wieder ausfallen, installieren Sie bitte diese Firmware in Ihren DAP-1665."
Translated to english: "If the 5GHz WLAN of your DAP-1665 is going down repeatedly, then please install this firmware on your DAP-1665"

If i understand this statement correctly, then there is a know issue in FW 1.16b01 related to 5GHz which is currently unresolved.


Direct download link

The firmware 1.14b06-01 is not available anymore on the international support-page.

I hope this will resolve your issue as well.

Best regards


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