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newly connected DAP-1665 to linksys router in AP mode = slowness


I connected my DAP-1665 to my linksys  EA 6350 dual band router with Ethernet cable in AP mode.
i have the DAP on our first floor to provide better coverage.

When connected to the Linksys my speed tests remain a good 50mb down which is typical :)
When connected to the DAP 1665 i am at around 10mb down  :-\

any ideas why the slower speed tests when connected to the DAP in AP mode ?



* What Hardware version is your DAP? Look at the sticker under the DAP.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DAPs web page under status.
* What region are you located?
What wireless modes are you using on the DAP and main host router?
What channels are you using on the DAP and main host router? Should be on different channels, 1 for DAP and 11 for router.
What security modes are you using on the DAP and main host router? WPA2 and AES only is preferred.
SSID names should be different while PW can be the same.
What is the distance between the main host router and DAP?

thanks for the quick reply...

Hardware Version: A1   Firmware Version: 1.14
Region US, Chicago
Channels ..  1 for DAP and 11 for router
Security modes  = WPA personal on the DAP and WPA \ WPA2 mixed personal on Host

SSID names are different
distance is less than 100 feet

Wireless modes ... mixed 802.11n,g, and b for both DAP and Host router

Does the DAP have WPA2 and AES? WPA may not be able to achieve better performances than WPA2 and AES can.
Also try Mixed G and N or Single mode N to test.
What CAT# LAN cable are you using to connect the DAP to the main host router? CAT6 is recommended.

Also FYI:

Not sure if this might be needed or not...


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