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Author Topic: DES-1228: Not Responding, CPU LED Repeating Sequence of 5 Flashes  (Read 5074 times)


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I've had trouble in the past with accessing my DES-1228 switch, ofter times requiring that it be power-cycled.  While a bit frustrating, I've only needed to do so every few months, so it wasn't that big of a deal.  And even then, the switch seemed to otherwise be functioning normally - devices connected to it had connectivity, etc.  But when I tried accessing it an hour ago, it was down again, and power cycling does nothing. 

Initially, the CPU LED was not flashing, and upon power-cycling, I was still unable to connect.  At the time, I had a custom IP configured -  Using ping, I never saw it respond at all.

I then attempted to reset the switch to factory defaults.  Now, after power cycling, I see the default IP - - respond for approximately 5-10 seconds, then it stops.

I also see something similar with the SmartConsole utility.  If I time it right, I can auto-discover the switch, but once it stops responding to ping, the SmartConsole also loses contact.

The one potentially useful thing I am seeing is that the CPU LED is not completely off, but it is also not in it's regular/happy 1 sec. on/1 sec. off sequence.  Instead, it is repeating 5 fast flashes, with a 1 second off between them.  The manual only indicates that led off is bad, and led on/flashing is good, but this would indicate to me that it is trying to indicate a trouble code or something.

Anyone have any ideas what this might mean?

Given that I've had no luck thus far, and that it's been requiring regular reboots every month or two anyway, I'm looking around now for a replacement.  But I'm hoping that maybe someone can point me to a specific problem, however a long shot that might be...



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Re: DES-1228: Not Responding, CPU LED Repeating Sequence of 5 Flashes
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2011, 12:10:24 PM »

Did you figure out how to fix this problem? I am stucked also.