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Author Topic: Can't find a DWL2100-AP Section, could you please help even if in wrong section?  (Read 3782 times)


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Hi Everyone,

Maybe you will find my question really silly but I can't do it by myself (Quite new in the Wifi World ;))

I have a client that have a wired network in one building, and they just bought another building which is near to the 1st one (30m approx and clear line of sight). He would like to put another wired network inside the other building. The goal now is to "join" these two networks, which will be of course in the same range / subnet, as he wants this to be a single network actually.

He bought two DWL-2100AP and will put it outside both buildings (protected of course). Each AP will be connected to the switch present in the building. My question is: In which mode should the AP be to link these 2 infrastructures wirelessly? I would like the 2 APs to talk ONLY to each other and nothing else... Did you get my point?

I don't know which mode to choose between:
 - Access Point
 - WDS with AP
 - WDS
 - Universal Repeater
 - Wireless Client

I tried to put both in WDS mode. In one I entered the MAC address of the other AP, and vice and versa for the other, disabled the SSID broadcasting (But entered the same SSID in both), but this does not work, could you please advise?

Many Thanks,



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WDS is your answer.  Test them in the same room to make sure they work before deploying them.  Be very careful that the SSID, security, and channel are the same.
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Many thanks for your answer, that's exactly what I did except that I changed the channel in one them only, now everything is fine...

Thanks again