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Title: wmp 12 "plays to" feature
Post by: smoddelm on November 26, 2010, 06:02:04 AM
I have a dsm-320 and have had no problem using the windows media player "plays to" feature to control the DSM-320 from my laptop.  I right-click on a song, scrool to "plays to," select the DSM-320, and the song begins to play through the DSM-320.  I really need this feature because I sometimes use the dsm on home stereo systems that don't have a TV nearby, so no TV screen to control the dsm from. 

I bought the 510 because the 320 does not support WPA wireless security.  I figured it would work with WMP 12 "plays to" the same way as the 320.  However, even though I get a "plays to" in the WMP menu when I right click on a song, and WMP sees the DSM-510 as a device to play to, it doesn't play the song and ultimately gives a message that it can't connect to the DSM-510.  Any idea what the problem could be?  I have tried disabling firewall, AV, etc., even though the dsm-320 works fine with the firewall and AV enabled, but no success...