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Title: DNS-343 RAID 5 and WD 1002FAEX
Post by: sfx23 on January 29, 2011, 05:28:30 AM
hi guys
i've just found this forum and i discovered only now this problem  :'(
i read a long topic about the compatibility, but unluckly english is not my 1st language, so i didn't understand if something is changed since that topic was opened.
so, don't worry  ;D if i ask for something already discussed.

i purchased a DNS343 and ordered 4pcs of  WD1002FAEX http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-701276.pdf (http://WD1002FAEX http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/SpecSheet/ENG/2879-701276.pdf)
i've also sent an email to dlink support asking about the compatibility, but they didn't reply to me  >:( so i thought that if the smaller sizes of caviar black series was OK, the list was not updated, and the disk i need was OK too (capacity 1TB).

BTW, i don't know exactly what is advanced formatting and similar problems related to missing functions for RAID5, but maybe i'm still on time to delete the order i done.

can anyone confirm to me if this disk work or it will never word with this NAS on RAID5?