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Author Topic: Bug Passive port range - in firmware 1.08  (Read 3530 times)


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Bug Passive port range - in firmware 1.08
« on: May 22, 2009, 02:05:25 AM »

Hardware Version: B1
Firmware Version: 1.08 Beta
Software Version (Easy Search): Don't use it.

Harddrive 1: SAMSUNG    HD642JJ 640 GB
Harddrive 2: SAMSUNG    HD642JJ 640 GB

Problem Type: FTP Server passive port range allows to enter more than 5 digits

□ Error message  X Function does not work  □ Enhancement  □ UI Wording  □ Other:___________

Problem Description:

In the settings for the FTP server, you can manually select the range for your passive ports.
I used 30000 - 30020.
But "finger error" I entered in the first field 300000. (one zero to much)
There is no limit to enter only max. 5 digits as port. (1 - 65535)

Function Tested:

Entering passive port 300000.
DNS-323 accepted it, and showed in GUI: "FTP Server Status: Status = Started"
But no FTP port was open when I scanned my DNS-323 with nmap.
First after entering the correct "only 5 digits" passive port range, the FTP server was running.

Test Procedure (steps to reproduce):
Passive Mode -> select "Use the following port range:"
Entering: 300000 to 30020
Pressed "Apply".
DIR-825 - HW: B1 - Firmware: 2.05WW Build05 Beta01
DNS-323 - HW: B1- Firmware: 1.08 Beta build 05