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Author Topic: [HOWTO] Enable SMS Notifications  (Read 3245 times)


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[HOWTO] Enable SMS Notifications
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:50:52 PM »

This Howto will help you enabling SMS notifications. I'm using www.clickatell.com as an example but you can adapt the information here on any other compatible provider.

1. Service Registration:
  • Go to http://www.clickatell.com/pricing-and-coverage/standard-coverage/ to check the costs per SMS for your country.
    Note 1: It does not matter where you are but in which country your mobile phone number is registered. If you are in the US but want to send SMS to a japanese phone number you have to check the pricing for Japan!
    Note 2: The costs per SMS are not shown in EUR, USD or GBP but in credits!
  • Go to https://www.clickatell.com/register/?product=1
    Category A: If the phone numbers you want to send SMS to are registered in the following countries: US, Canada, Latin America or China and a monthly fee of $9,95 is not a problem go to http://americas.clickatell.com/pricing-coverage/small-business-api/ - this offer is much cheaper than the normal accounts (only 0.02 credits per SMS instead of 0.058 credits + free US phone number + free incoming messages!)
    Category B: If the phone numbers you want to send SMS to are registered in one of the listed countries below Special Offers chose your country. The costs per SMS will be lower. Only disadvantage is that you can only send SMS to numbers registered in the country you selected.
    Category C: If nothing of the above suits your needs select International below Anywhere in the World
  • Enter your personal data and register and activate your account.
  • Once logged into your account go to Billing
  • The minimum amount of credits you can buy is 400. If you pay 1 credit per SMS you can send 400 SMS until you have to buy more credits.
  • Once you successfully bought credits go to Manage my Products
  • Go to Get Connections
  • Click HTTP/S
  • Enter a name of your choice in Description
  • Click Submit and Get API ID
  • Go to My Connections
  • You now see the Name, Type and API ID of your previously created connection, remember that API ID

2. DNS-345 Configuration:
  • Go to Management
  • Go to System Management
  • Go to Notifications
  • Expand SMS Settings
  • Check the Enable SMS Notifications checkbox
  • Click Add next to SMS service provider
  • Welcome: Click Next
  • Step 1: Enter a name of your choice in Provider Name and copy the following URL into the SMS URL textarea.
Code: [Select]
  • Click Next
  • Step 2: Next to each URL variable you see a drop down list. Select the following options:
    user=Username              <->    Username
    password=Password        <->    Password
    api_id=Other                  <->    Other
    to=Phone_number           <->    Phone number
    text=Message_content    <->    Message content
  • Click on Finish
  • Enter your mobile phone number into the field next to Phone number1((to)). Use the international country code but without a leading + or 00, eg. 16465134259 for USA, New York, New York City
  • Enter your Clickatell.com username into User Name(user) and your password into Password(password)
  • Enter your Clickatell.com API ID (i told you to remember it ;) into Other(api_id)
  • Click Test SMS and your DNS-345 will tell you if everything is ok. Additionally you'll receive a SMS after some seconds
  • Click Save Settings
  • Done!


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Re: [HOWTO] Enable SMS Notifications
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 07:35:50 AM »

This post was converted to an FAQ entry here: DNS-345 - Enabling SMS Notifications

Thanks for your contribution an3k!  ;)
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