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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - Fonz Fun_Plug (FFP)  (Read 29676 times)


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DNS ShareCenter - Fonz Fun_Plug (FFP)
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:57:34 AM »

This FAQ describes an available open source third party software script available for select D-Link ShareCenter models. The script described in this FAQ is not sanctioned by D-Link and installing this script may void your D-Link ShareCenter warranty (Please see Disclaimer at the bottom of this post.)

What is Fonz Fun_Plug?

Fonz Fun_Plug (FFP) is a script and collection of related applications that provide additional functionality to select D-Link ShareCenter models. The D-Link ShareCenter native firmware will look for and execute the FFP script at boot up, enabling the ShareCenter to reference the set of add-on Linux utilities. FFP is stored on Volume_1 of the host D-Link ShareCenter, minimizing impact to the ShareCenter and D-Link firmware stored in on-board memory. Deleting Fonz Fun_Plug or removing the host HDD will remove the modification. Even though this modification is stored on a ShareCenter HDD, modifications to the root level of the ShareCenter are still required to enable FFP.

Some of the key benefits claimed by the developers of FFP include: telnet access, process management (remove unused processes), stable and configurable BitTorrent client, and replacement Samba. At the time of this post, FFP has two version families: FFP 0.5 for ARM supported NAS and FFP 0.7 for OABI supported NAS.

While FFP is referenced by the native D-Link ShareCenter firmware, an open firmware replacement called Alt-F is also available specifically for the DNS-321 and DNS-323 which can either run from a USB thumb drive (temporary) or replace the ShareCenter on-board firmware. Alt-F is a completely separate third-party software product and should not be confused with FFP.

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The software, procedures, and referenced links described in this post is not sanctioned by D-Link, the thread poster, or content contributors for improving the performance or functionality of D-Link ShareCenter devices. Neither D-Link, the thread poster, nor content contributors warrant against damage to the ShareCenter, hard drives, or data to which this software and related procedures are applied, property damage, or injury resulting from the application of the software and related procedures. Individuals who choose to apply this software, do so at their own risk and may void the D-Link warranty for their D-Link ShareCenter on which the software was installed.

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