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Firware 2.0 Clarrification for those that upgraded


All...Reading in the release notes and in particular these two items listed below as new features, does updating to v2 reset your IP as dynamic and revert back the admin password to default?  I currently have a static IP and naturally changed the admin password from default.  Just looking to understand what to expect here.

"In default settings, the network IP address setting is Dynamic IP"
"Default admin user name/password is admin/admin"

Thanks in advance

No one here has upgraded and can report back the behavior of the two items I posted???

Seems that either some have and not posting about it or haven't or don't post in the forums.
I would make a back up configuration to file for safe keeping then do the FW update if you choose to. If our DAP is working with out any problems, you can leave it and update FW at a later time.


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