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Cannot isolate Guest SSID from Primary SSID

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--- Quote from: bluebear on June 10, 2018, 11:16:11 PM ---I did it like in this link http://www.dlink.cc/d-link-wireless/how-to-setup-multi-ssid-with-vlans-on-d-link-busines-class-access-point-dap-2553.html
And after that, I couldn't connect to the DAP in any network (primary or guest) so I had to reset it and in that moment, GUEST users still access local network.
If you can tell me what config should I make so the Primary SSID can access local network and Guest SSID only to have internet without local network access ....
My DAP doesn't have DHCP enabled. IP's for users are obtained from the router in front of DAP.

Thanks !

--- End quote ---

please send me the config file from dap and I check it. Also I will can send by email my working configuration for reference.



I sent it. Please also check spam folder.
It will be great if you can send me your config and after that I could change just some minor settings for my network.
Thanks in advance !!!


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