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DAP-2690 latest firmware version ?

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Some public DLink website say that the latest DAP-2690 firmware is 1.02rc20 (1)
when some DLink download site allow to download version 1.11 since april 2012 (2)

What is the latest firware version for DAP-2690 please ?


(1) http://www.dlink.fr/cs/Satellite?c=Product_C&childpagename=DLinkEurope-FR%2FDLTechProduct&cid=1197385440389&p=1197318961474&packedargs=QuickLinksParentID%3D1197318961474%26locale%3D1195806373344&pagename=DLinkEurope-FR%2FDLWrapper
(2) http://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Wireless/DAP-2690/Firmware/1.11/DAP2690-firmware-v111-rc040.bin

What region are you located? Specifically...

I recommend using only what is published on the support web site for your region. Using anything else, you'd be at risk. If you have further questions, please contact your local regional DLink support office and ask specifically what to use.

We are located in France.

DLink support returned us the two DAP-2690 we purchased and which had problems. The brand new DAP-2690 we received from the support have the "1.11   17:35:31 03/13/2012" firmware version, not the 1.02rc20 that is available on DLink FR support site.

That is to say : the DLink support shipped us DAP-2690 access points with firmware version that are not available to French customers.  :)


Are the units working? I would leave the FW alone if they are.

There is a WW (World Wide) version, v1.11 available however its on tsd.dlink.com.tw

If your units are working at the moment then I recommend leaving the FW as is.

Our DAP-2690 units work well but I was surprised checking the support page.

I'll stick with this 1.11 version thanks !



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