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Title: uPNP Control Point functionality on the DLink Media Server
Post by: Jorge on January 08, 2008, 09:05:18 PM
I upgraded both my DLink Media Server to v. 1.09 and my D-Link Media Player firmware to the latest one in order to user the uPNP control point functionality.

It seems to work 50% to me.  I am able to start set playback songs and change them one by one to my desire from my PC without even being in front of my DLink and without the IR remote.  It works so so, as long as I indicate the software to change the song before it finishes.  If I let the song finish, the Media Player will start a loop selecting the next song, not playing anything, and then going on to the next song, until it has gone through all my songs (in a matter of seconds).  Once it has finished, it seems to remain in a loop because after that I cannot play anything (whether directly by the IR Remote, or through the Media Server software).

I reallly  would like to use the UPNP Control Point functionality, but it seems to be not very well tested as it still has a few bugs on it >:(.  Can you help?