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Title: Bit Torrent & Magnet Links
Post by: damndogs on March 25, 2012, 08:48:36 AM
Some sites are moving away from Torrent files in favour of Magnet links.

Any chance the Dlink dev team will update its torrent plugin for the DNS-343 to work more seamlessly with magnet links or provide some doc's on how to launch the client on the 343 vs on your pc ? As far as i can tell, the steps now are to:

1) Click on Magnet file.
2) Your utorrent app will start on your pc.
3) start your d/l inside the utorrent client.
4) Stop the download
5) Find the Torrent file that was saved
6) Now you can point the DNS 343 to the Torrent file and it will d/l same as always. 

It would be nice if the if there was a way to click on the magnet link and that could bring up the client on the DNS 343 (rather than on your pc).  If anyone knows how to do this or have found a more efficient set of steps, let me know.