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DIR-878 Firmware v1.10B05 Released (Official KRACK release)


There are 2 firmware files to update. You must update to v1.04 (included in ZIP file), and then to 1.10. This will add encryption to the firmware file. This will prevent downgrading the firmware. If you need to downgrade, you will have to hold the reset button down, power off and then on while still holding the button down. Hold for 10 seconds after you power on the router. Log in and you will be prompted to upgrade firmware.

Download Firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DIR-878/REVA/DIR-878_REVA_FIRMWARE_v1.10B05.zip

Release Notes:

Problems Resolved:
1. Update wpa2 security patch (KRACK)
2. Supports EU VLAN @ EU country code
3. Supports VLAN profile @ SG country code
4. Upgrade dnsmasq to 2.78

1. Supports D-Link Wi-Fi app (QRS mobile app won’t be supported with firmware version v1.10 or later version)
2. Supports firmware image with encryption


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