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Title: mydlink+ v3.8.14 build 2515
Post by: LarryNOTtheCableGuy on July 02, 2019, 07:08:29 PM
OK, that was fun. NOT!

Just downloaded and installed the subject version of this app on my iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.5 (the latest version of iOS that will run on this iPad) and immediately was unable to remotely connect to either DCS-5020L cameras in the house. Had to delete and re-add them to my mydlink account. Ran into a couple of issues simply logging into the account, but that'll be the subject of another post. Once I got things working again (there's a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back), I started poking around at some of the apps options, which I'd never played with before. When connected to a camera remotely there appears to be an option to update the firmware (icon is a circle with two double-ended curved arrows in it). When you select it, it tells you the current firmware version, and states the following:

"To proceed firmware upgrade, the device should be online (connected to mydlink server) first."

Can someone please translate this into English?

As this option only appears when accessing the camera remotely, it must already be connected to the mylink server. Or am I missing something?

Finally, if this is supposed to be a way to upgrade the firmware, there doesn't appear to be anyway to proceed (e.g., a button to click on). Again, what am I missing?