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Author Topic: DCS-942L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes  (Read 63595 times)


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DCS-942L - Cumulative Firmware Release Notes
« on: August 16, 2012, 05:23:09 AM »

The list below is a few years old. For the latest release notes, click the link below:

Revision A - v1.27 and older
Revision B - v2.12.04 and older

DCS-942L Cumulative Firmware Release Notes

DCS-942L Rev A

Firmware: 1.24 - Date: 10/08/2014

  • [New Feature] Upgrade mydlink agent to v2.0.18-b11
  • [New Feature] Support Windows 8.1/IE11 and MAC OS X10.9/Safari7
  • [New Feature] SD card can be recognized properly when formatting SD card by selecting default allocation unit size on Windows OS
  • [New Feature] To improve the image quality (NOTE: The image settings will be in effect after factory reset.)
  • [New Feature] Support new NIPCA CGI “/admin/videoclip.cgi” for Video Clip function
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the issue that camera cannot reboot after schedule reboot is set.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the issue ofFTP upload failure due to special characters as FTP password
  • [Known Error] It’s recommended for users to download the latest D-ViewCam version from mydlink portal to avoid abnormal function operation when using the DCS-942L Ax camera with FW v1.24b4408

Firmware: 1.23 - Date: 01/23/2014

  • [New Feature] Upgrade mydlink agent to v2.0.17-b42
  • [New Feature] Support schedule reboot
  • [New Feature] Support DDNS server address text input (currently only accept www.dlinkddns.com and www.DynDNS.org.)
  • [New Feature] Support Windows 8 / IE11
  • [New Feature] Refine the NTP sync mechanism
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the ONVIF compatibility issues for “ONVIF Device Manager”
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed SMTP compatibility issue of Swiss e-mail provider “bluewin.ch”
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed NTP sync issue after power on at static IP status
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed Flicker issue in 50 HZ frequency light source environment
  • [Known Issue] Email alerts not working properly in firmware version 1.23

Firmware: 1.22 - Date: 07/24/2013

  • [New Feature] Support 2-way audio for portal and App
  • [New Feature] Combine two firmware version into one firmware
  • [New Feature] Support Portuguese language
  • [New Feature] Change the SD recording video clip file format default setting from avi to mp4
  • [New Feature] Refine the available HTTP/RTSP/HTTPS port range and external HTTP/RTSP/HTTPS port range as 1~65535
  • [New Feature] Mydlink Agent: 2.0.17-b21
  • [Bug Fix] Refine Day/Night mode switching judgment

Firmware: 1.21 - Date: 06/21/2013

  • [New Feature] Upgrade to UPnP v1.6.18.
  • [New Feature] Mydlink Agent: 2.0.17-B15
  • [Bug Fix] RTSP Authentication is default enable
  • [Bug Fix] Fix security vulnerability item CVE-2013-1602 from CoreSecurity.

Firmware: 1.20 - Date: 02/21/2013

  • [New Feature] HTTPS Support - Support HTTPS Web Pages (not include Live Streaming)
  • [New Feature] HTTPS Support - Support HTTPS Port and HTTPS External Port Setting
  • [New Feature] HTTPS Support - Certification management
  • [New Feature] HTTPS Support - WebUI for HTTPS connection (streaming keep on HTTP)
  • [New Feature] HTTPS Support - Configure/control under HTTPS
  • [New Feature] IPv6 Support - IPv6 certification
  • [New Feature] IPv6 Support - IPv6 live view
  • [New Feature] ONVIF Support - ONVIF Profile S Certification
  • [New Feature] ONVIF Support - Add Search Domain field for network setting
  • [New Feature] ONVIF Support - Add Set NTP Server from DHCP for NTP Sync
  • [New Feature] ONVIF Support - Frame rate support 6 fps
  • [New Feature] AAC audio Support - RTSP with AAC
  • [New Feature] AAC audio Support - NIPCA Audio CGIs, /audio/ACAS-AAC.cgi
  • [New Feature] MP4 Support with AAC - SD recording
  • [New Feature] MP4 Support with AAC - ideo clip
  • [New Feature] Support Apple HTTP Live Streaming
  • [New Feature] Support IP Filtering
  • [New Feature] Support Sound Detection
  • [New Feature] Support Schedule on Day/Nigh Mode
  • [New Feature] Support no separated file on SD recording trigger by motion
  • [New Feature] NCSPlugin for live view (Windows and MAC OS X)
  • [New Feature] Refinement to the DDNS timeout - DDNS update interval: (1) Case 1: If DDNS can be connected successfully. The reload interval will be a fixed time as DDNS timeout, and the valid range is between 24 and 65535. (2) Case 2: If DDNS is failed to be connected. The retry interval will be an increasing time as 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 240 seconds, 480 seconds, and then keeping retrying every 900 seconds until the DDNS can be connected.
  • [New Feature] Refine the interval for Video Clip/Snapshot feature
  • [New Feature] Refine the display order for SD management
  • [New Feature] Refine the dwelling time of Day/Night mode switching
  • [New Feature] Refine the available port setting as default port number and range from 1025 to 65535
  • [Bug Fix] Fix multiple login SD card playback error for myDlink

Firmware: 1.12b1608 - Date: 07/23/2012

  • [New Feature] Update mydlink agent to 2.0.15-B11
  • [New Feature] Add SD card warning message
  • [New Feature] Add mydlink agent version information
  • [New Feature] Fine tune NTP failure when network is not accessible at boot time
  • [New Feature] Support Direct View Web Pages using following URL to get live video: http://camera_ip/vaview.htm (for Windows IE) and http://camera_ip/vjview.htm (for non-Windows IE)

Firmware: 1.11b1426 - Date: 04/26/2012

  • [New Feature] Downgrade RT5370 wireless driver to v2.5.0.2
  • [Known Issue] The bundle D-ViewCam can’t support the Encode Method setting for DCS-942L
  • [Known Issue] DCS-942L doesn’t provide the “FTP Test Button” function to allows you to test the FTP settings before running “Send Video Clips or Snapshot by FTP” to make sure they are valid for your server
  • [Known Issue] DCS-942L’s PIR is sometimes affected by wireless devices with high frequencies
  • [Known Issue] The light sensor is a little over sensitive and puts the camera into 'night' mode when the camera is still under lighting condition

Firmware: 1.11b1418 - Date: 04/18/2012

  • [New Feature] Recompile and update Java Applet to resolve Norton AntiVirus 2012 mis-judge as virus

Firmware: 1.11b0412 - Date: 04/12/2012

  • [New Feature] Update ActiveX version to for vulnerability issue
  • [New Feature] Update NCSPlugin version to 1.0.6510 for vulnerability issue
  • [New Feature] Remove PIR log message
  • [New Feature] Remove the warring message – (The target can't be select both FTP and E-mail for the video clip.) from the Video Clips web UI
  • [New Feature] By finding the SSID on a wireless network, the camera will ignore the SSID with WPA/WPA2-Enterprise security mode
  • [New Feature] Sync code base to the same with EU region
  • [Bug Fix] Correct the PIR event handle for PIR Sensitivity design – when the motion detection event occurs, the next PIR detection can’t be triggered for the duration is over 2 minutes

Firmware: 1.11b1130 - Date: 03/30/2012

  • [New Feature] Update mydlink agent to 2.0.15-B1
  • [New Feature] Add support PIR sensitivity function and set the default setting to low
  • [New Feature] Set max connection time to 40 seconds when click test mail button
  • [New Feature] Add mydlink requested HTTP-Digest CGIs
  • [New Feature] Update ActiveX according to mydlink reqeust
  • [Bug Fix] Improving mdb compatibility with unknown authentication mode (Fixed the Setup Wizard can’t search the wireless SSID when the wireless network has the SSID that the security setting is WPA/WPA2-Enterprise)
  • [Bug Fix] Improving ntpd compatibility (Fixed the camera is not getting synchronized with NTP server - a.st1.ntp.br)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed ActiveX occur error when installation prompt appear
  • [Bug Fix] Correct issues for wireless site survey of mdb (Fixed the Site Survey function of Setup Wizard will search an strange SSID)

Firmware: 1.10b1229 - Date: 02/29/2012

  • [New Feature] Changed the NCSPlugin, which enables you to view live image streams in Non-IE browser on Microsoft Windows OS
  • [New Feature] Changed the system default time to 2012-01-01
  • [New Feature] Changed the system default IP to
  • [New Feature] Changed the Video Type for SD Recording will both store one snapshot and video clip into the SD Card
  • [New Feature] Added support Encode Method for H.264 and MPEG4 Streaming
  • [New Feature] Added support H.264 streaming for Profile 4
  • [New Feature] Improved error handle capability of SD hot-plug
  • [New Feature] Improved noise of low-light streaming
  • [New Feature] Improved live view compatibility for IE9
  • [New Feature] NIPCA support H.264 at profile4
  • [New Feature] Update mydlink agent to v2.0.14-B9
  • [New Feature] Added the recording duration of SD recording can support 1/2/3/4/5/6 minutes
  • [Bug Fix] Extent manual time setting list
  • [Bug Fix] Update ActiveX version to v6216
  • [Bug Fix] Fine tune log and some log message to make sure log page display correctly
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed video clip failures caused by the image frame size is too large

Firmware: 1.02b1030 - Date: 12/30/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Enhance SD Card recording to make it not so picky to different class of SD card
  • [Bug Fix] Video only (without audio data) when Microphone is disabled for SD Recording and Video Clip
  • [Bug Fix] Resolve new SD sometime need to format twice
  • [Bug Fix] Support SMTP authentication when user key in ID/Password with no SSL-TLS.

Firmware: 1.01b0902 - Date: 11/02/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Correct issue of WPS cannot associate successfully after reboot

Firmware: 1.01b0821 - Date: 10/21/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Refine CN and TC language for manual

Firmware: 1.01b0818 - Date: 10/18/2011

  • [New Feature] Add CN and TC language

Firmware: 1.00b0708 - Date: 09/08/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed CN bugs from QA

Firmware: 1.00b0706 - Date: 09/06/2011

  • [New Feature] Add CN language

Firmware: 1.00b0522 - Date: 07/22/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Resolve bugs on TSV tested by Alpha LAB
  • [Bug Fix] Resolve bugs on Redmine tested by Murphy’s QA team

Firmware: 1.00b0518 - Date: 07/18/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Resolve bugs on TSV tested by Alpha LAB
  • [Bug Fix] Resolve bugs on Redmine tested by Murphy’s QA team

Firmware: 1.00b0430 - Date: 06/30/2011

  • [Bug Fix] Wording for D-Link Alpha Review
  • [Bug Fix] Resolved bugs on Redmine via Murphy’s QA Team.

Firmware: 1.00b0417 - Date: 06/17/2011

  • [None]

DCS-942L Rev B

Firmware: 2.00b0417 - Date: 06/17/2014

  • [New Feature] Add sensitivity settings for light sensor on device Web GUI
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