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Title: Dlink DIR882 Samba Access on Coreelec (Kodi)
Post by: sachb on December 15, 2020, 11:56:11 AM
Hey guys, I am planning to sell the D-link DIR882, as it seems to be completely bad for samba.

I have a 3rd party OS on my android box but it doesn't see my HDD which is connected to the D-link router by entering

With Netgear works flawlessly, but not on D-link DIR-882. Any solution? I'm sure D-link uses SMBv1 and I have enabled it on Coreelec. What am I missing.

Do I also have to enter the path to HDD, like NAME? This is the worse router for Samba, all my other routers like Asus, Netgear worked flawlessly.