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Author Topic: Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08  (Read 17188 times)


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Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:45:30 AM »

   Some tips for the 1.08 firmware.

Thank-you to Friggingreat, Veerman, and other users in the forum http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=57687
and users in other forums, your info and links are very helpful.

Testing I did on my D-Link DCS-825L camera, firmware version 1.08 us california, using Linux mint pc 18.1. The results I had may not be typical, if you are not a camera expert I do not recommend testing these urls or webpages on your camera. The testing and the results produced are for knowledge purposes only. Refer to a technical professional camera expert or the D-Link support center to better understand your camera and camera issues. I am not a camera expert. I hold no responsibility if you break or fix your own camera.

(((Most of the urls I tested resulted in errors, possibly in part because I was on a Linux computer, or possibly in part that many of the required .xsl .xml .xslt and .css type files were MISSING (or forgotten) or accidently removed on purpose by D-Link support from the 1.08 firmware build. Unknown if for security or low memory or other reasons. Basicly lots of web site pointer urls with non existant broken links. One can only hope D-link will fix this in the next firmware and have a single url with everything back and functioning on it. )))

Note: Uppercase and lowercase letters are important in the web addresses,
and (ipaddr) is replaced in the url by the cameras' own ip address,
an example: would replace http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView.cgi .


(((( I'll start first with the urls that had better results on my camera,
    then below I'll list the other url results. ))))

First I went to http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView.cgi
    and entered admin as username and (the camera's password) as the password
    then accessed more urls using the same browser window;

http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView.cgi                (main webpage or GUI)

http://(ipaddr)/av2/mjpg.cgi                    (live video feed)

http://(ipaddr)/video/mjpg.cgi                  (live video feed, very fast)

http://(ipaddr)/av2/mjpg.cgi?profileid=3        (live video feed)

http://(ipaddr)/video/mjpg.cgi?profileid=3      (live video feed, somewhat fast)

http://(ipaddr)/image/jpeg.cgi                  (still photo, snapshot, click refresh to update image)

http://(ipaddr)/image2/jpeg.cgi                 (still photo, snapshot, click refresh to update image)

http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/ap_client.cgi         (can change current wifi settings,
    only use if you know how to setup wifi correctly,
    may require camera to be reset if settings not entered correcly)

http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_sdcard.cgi        (here the sd card (if present) can be accessed)

 >>> most values in the following urls can be changed by adding a custom string or value set to the end of the url,
usually in a custom format of ?(item)=(value) , example   ?enable=yes  , example   ?flip=on  , example   ?enable=on  ,
note: values for one item may or may not work as a value for a different item <<<

http://(ipaddr)/users/bootup_music.cgi          (can turn boot-up or start up music sound off or on, I like OFF,
    example to turn off    http://(ipaddr)/users/bootup_music.cgi?enable=no    ,
    example to turn on     http://(ipaddr)/users/bootup_music.cgi?enable=yes   )

http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor.cgi               (camera sensor control settings, can change with ?(item)=(value),
    example rotate video 180 degrees (like if mounted on ceiling)
    180 degrees     http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor.cgi?mirror=on&flip=on     ,
    0 degrees       http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor.cgi?mirror=off&flip=off   )
    http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor_info.cgi          (available values for sensor.cgi, just tech info)

http://(ipaddr)/config/ir_ill_dist.cgi          (changes the brightness of IR leds, (("OFF" is not an option)),
    option 1 dimmer    http://(ipaddr)/config/ir_ill_dist.cgi?illdistance=5    ,
    option 2 brighter  http://(ipaddr)/config/ir_ill_dist.cgi?illdistance=10   )

http://(ipaddr)/config/led.cgi                  (blue? indicator light leds setting >>NOT IR leds<<,
    change with   ?led=on  ,or   ?led=off   )

http://(ipaddr)/config/thermal_detection.cgi    (temp sensor settings, can change with ?(item)=(value) ,
    example to turn off temp sensor   http://(ipaddr)/config/thermal_detection.cgi?enable=no   ,
    has to be  ?enable=yes  to change other temperature values)

http://(ipaddr)/config/camera_info.cgi          (camera name and location, >>>takes a long time<<<<
    can change with ?(item)=(value),
    examples     http://(ipaddr)/config/camera_info.cgi?name=MY-1-DCS-825L-CAM8  ,
                 http://(ipaddr)/config/camera_info.cgi?location=EARTH           )

http://(ipaddr)/config/timestamp.cgi            (turn on or off osd time and date stamp setting,
    can change with   ?(item)=(value)    )

http://(ipaddr)/config/icr.cgi                  (night or day mode settings, can change with ?(item)=(value),
    available mode values:  ?mode=auto ?mode=day ?mode=night  ,
    http://(ipaddr)/config/icr.cgi?light_threshold=50         )

http://(ipaddr)/config/action_mail.cgi          (setup email settings, can change with ?(item)=(value),
    examples   http://(ipaddr)/config/action_mail.cgi?port=587    ,
               http://(ipaddr)/config/action_mail.cgi?enable=yes  ,
               http://(ipaddr)/config/action_mail.cgi?enable=no   )

http://(ipaddr)/config/admin_mail.cgi           (email setting for some sd card notifications,
    can change with ?(item)=(value), change not recommended, expert settings)

http://(ipaddr)/config/audio_detection.cgi      (audio detector settings, can change with ?(item)=(value),
    examples   http://(ipaddr)/config/audio_detection.cgi?enable=yes     ,
               http://(ipaddr)/config/audio_detection.cgi?senitivity=30  ,
               http://(ipaddr)/config/audio_detection.cgi?enable=no      ,
    ((has to be ?enable=yes  to change sensitivity settings)) )

http://(ipaddr)/config/mic.cgi                  (microphone settings, on or off (>> I like mic on or ?enable=yes <<)
    examples  mic on     http://(ipaddr)/config/mic.cgi?enable=yes   ,
              mic off    http://(ipaddr)/config/mic.cgi?enable=no    ,
              mic level  http://(ipaddr)/config/mic.cgi?volume=80    )

http://(ipaddr)/config/speaker.cgi              (speaker settings, can change with   ?(item)=(value)   ,)

http://(ipaddr)/music/sys_music_play.cgi        (starts the music playing, can change with ?(item)=(value) at end,
    example   http://(ipaddr)/music/sys_music_play.cgi?loop=3    to loop all music 3 times
    or        http://(ipaddr)/music/sys_music_play.cgi?loop=0    to not loop??    )

http://(ipaddr)/music/music_stop.cgi            (this one was odd. when I first clicked on it,
    it needed a username and password, I entered admin and the camera password,
    then it reset the connection and had no further response,
    >>>> edit: it will stop music if already playing <<<<   )

http://(ipaddr)/config/upnp.cgi                 ( upnp setting on or off )

http://(ipaddr)/config/motion.cgi               (motion detect settings, can change here,
      not recommended, app works better to configue motion detection )

http://(ipaddr)/eng/logout.cgi                  (logs out current web user, maybe?)

 >>>> some more urls <<<<

http://(ipaddr)/_rma.html                       (this redirects back to http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView.cgi )

http://(ipaddr)/eng/mainFrame.cgi               (this redirects back to http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView.cgi )

http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi      (page to upload firmware)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/forceUpdate.cgi        (same as http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi , but maybe better)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/tools_firmware.cgi     (same as http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi , I dont know why)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/tools_leveloftrust.cgi (same as http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi , I dont know why)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/update.cgi             (same as http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi , I dont know why)

http://(ipaddr)/m/index.cgi                     (redirects to http://(ipaddr)/m/m/index.html ,a fake main page)
http://(ipaddr)/m/m/index.html                  (a fake main page but has snapshot and live video)
http://(ipaddr)/m/m/snap.html                   (still photo, snapshot, click refresh to update image)
http://(ipaddr)/m/m/video.html                  (sort of live video feed)

http://(ipaddr)/m/a/index.html                  (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/index.html )
http://(ipaddr)/m/a/snap.html                   (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/snap.html  )
http://(ipaddr)/m/a/video.html                  (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/video.html )

http://(ipaddr)/m/b/index.html                  (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/index.html , but larger)
http://(ipaddr)/m/b/snap.html                   (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/snap.html  , but larger)
http://(ipaddr)/m/b/video.html                  (same as http://(ipaddr)/m/m/video.html , but larger)

http://(ipaddr)/m/i/index.html                  (page with only a snapshot link)
http://(ipaddr)/m/i/snap.html                   (still photo, snapshot, click refresh to update image, slow to load)
http://(ipaddr)/m/i/video.html                  (sort of live video feed, video is jumpy, not smooth)

http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACAS-AAC.cgi                (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACAS-MSADPCM.cgi            (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACAS-ULAW.cgi               (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACAS.cgi                    (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACVS-H264.cgi               (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/flv.cgi                     (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/mpegts.cgi                  (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/x-wav-msadpcm.cgi           (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/x-wav-ulaw.cgi              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/x-wav.cgi                   (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/ACVS-H264.cgi             (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/flv.cgi                   (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/mpegts.cgi                (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/p1_iOS4.m3u8              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/p1_iOS5.m3u8              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/p2_iOS4.m3u8              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/p2_iOS5.m3u8              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/ACAS-AAC.cgi              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/ACAS-MSADPCM.cgi          (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/ACAS-ULAW.cgi             (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/ACAS.cgi                  (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/x-wav-msadpcm.cgi         (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/x-wav-ulaw.cgi            (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/audio/x-wav.cgi                 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=1   (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=2   (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=4   (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/mpegts.cgi?profileid=1      (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/mpegts.cgi?profileid=2      (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=1 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=2 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/ACVS-H264.cgi?profileid=4 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/mpegts.cgi?profileid=1    (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/video/mpegts.cgi?profileid=2    (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/web_event.cgi               (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/update_status.cgi     (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/event2/web_event.cgi            (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/cgibox                      (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/cgihtmlbox                  (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/mobileIndex                 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/web_event.cgi               (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/config/nipcabox                 (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/dev2/dgsounddb.cgi              (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_create_request.cgi (download? .txt file listing certifications)

 >>>> urls with technical information <<<<

http://(ipaddr)/error/status-401.html           (info, not)
http://(ipaddr)/error/status-403.html           (info, not)
http://(ipaddr)/error/status-404.html           (info, not)
http://(ipaddr)/error/status-500.html           (info, not. Hmmm interesting word "sorried", I like it, we should add that to the english language)

http://(ipaddr)/ack.html                        (basicly a readme file of Acknowledgements)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_ack.cgi       (acknowlagements page with link to ack.html, info)
http://(ipaddr)/common/dgtalkie_info.cgi        (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/common/info.cgi                 (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/common/wlan_sta_status.cgi      (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/ddns_status.cgi       (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/pppoe_status.cgi      (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/pppoe_status.cgi      (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/st_device.cgi         (just some tech info, wifi info)
http://(ipaddr)/music/sdcard_upload.cgi         (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/music/sys_music_list.cgi        (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/babycam_info.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/env_sound_lv.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/mydlink_status.cgi        (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/notify.cgi                (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/notify_stream.cgi         (just some tech info, info stream, takes forever to load)
http://(ipaddr)/event2/notify_stream.cgi        (just some tech info, info stream, takes forever to load)
http://(ipaddr)/users/stream_info.cgi           (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/verify.cgi                (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/users/env_sound_lv.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/ddns_status.cgi       (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/event_info.cgi           (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/event_log.cgi            (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/firmwareupgrade.cgi      (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/group_list.cgi           (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/irled.cgi                (just some tech info, no user control)
http://(ipaddr)/config/led_mode.cgi             (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/notify.cgi               (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/notify_stream.cgi        (just some tech info, info stream, takes forever to load)
http://(ipaddr)/config/portal_info.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/pppoe.cgi                (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sdcard.cgi               (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sdcard_list.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor_output.cgi        (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/stream_info.cgi          (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/system_reboot.cgi        (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/user_list.cgi            (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/wireless.cgi             (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/wlansignal.cgi           (just some tech info)
http://(ipaddr)/config/wlansurvey.cgi           (just some tech info)


 >>>>>>>  EXPERT ONLY URLs, these following urls can really mess up the camera, I recommend NOT using them,
    I recommend NOT changing the settings in the following urls <<<<<<<

http://(ipaddr)/config/httpport.cgi             (expert setting only, >do not change port values if not expert<,
    helpful only for expert to change port due to a port conflict,
    example  http://(ipaddr)/config/httpport.cgi?httpport=80  , any other ports may cause camera to stop working)

http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_wireless.cgi      (initial wireless wifi configuration?,
    for expert use only, may cause wifi settings to be reset,
    incorrect settings may require a camera reset )

http://(ipaddr)/music/sdcard_music_list.cgi     (tech info, can change with .cgi?(item)=(value),
    not recommended to change, may break sd card functions )

http://(ipaddr)/config/datetime.cgi             (time settings, can be changed, not recommended, expert settings)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ddns.cgi                 (ddns settings, can be changed, not recommended, expert settings)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ddnsproviders.cgi        (ddns settings, can be changed, not recommended, expert settings)

http://(ipaddr)/config/stream_auth.cgi          (video output on off, no need to change these)

http://(ipaddr)/config/system_reset.cgi         (idk, I did not test this url
    because I didn't want the camera to reset to defaults, re-doing the initial setup from default is a pita )

http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/reset.cgi             (this may reset the camera, or may cause camera to not work,
    but I clicked on it by accident, though all I received was > Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail < )

http://(ipaddr)/config/wireless_ap.cgi          (expert initial ap settings, DO NOT CHANGE THESE,
    may survive reset?, may cause camera to have an UNKNOWN initial wifi password (different from label),
    may cause camera to not work, DO NOT CHANGE THESE AP STETTINGS )

http://(ipaddr)/config/network.cgi              ((expert INNITIAL network setting only, DO NOT CHANGE THESE,
    do not use >>do not change values<<, helpful only for expert to change port due to a port conflict ,
    any other values may cause camera to not work, (DO NOT CHANGE THESE SETTINGS, may survive reset? ).
    {expert level, can change with ?(item)=(value) },
here are the defaults "just because",



Thanks for reading from JJdaCool.

Below is a list of urls I tested that had errors.

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Urls for DCS-825L firmware 1.08 continued
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 02:47:57 AM »

   mostly errors :

http://(ipaddr)/rtsp-bin                        (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/HttpRtspd.cgi                   (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/vaview.htm                      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/vjview.htm                      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/_debug.html                     (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/fullScreen.html                 (blank screen)
http://(ipaddr)/cgiMain.sh                      (file forbidden)
http://(ipaddr)/infMain.sh                      (file forbidden)
http://(ipaddr)/xmlFunctions.sh                 (file forbidden)
http://(ipaddr)/auth/accept_auth.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/av2/ACVS.cgi                    (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/video/ACVS.cgi                  (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/liveView_debug.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/mainFrame_debug.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/music_control.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/fullScreen.html             (blank screen)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/index.html                  (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_audio_detection.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_audiovideo.cgi    (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_ddns.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_do.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_firewall.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_godev.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_https.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_image.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_lan.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_privacy_mask.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_record.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_snapshot.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_snapshot_cont.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_videoclip.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_wizard.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/alarm_out_action.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/apSiteSurvey.cgi      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/ap_router.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/audio_player.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/calibration.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_create.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_property.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_remove.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_request_info.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cert_upload.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cloudLink.cgi         (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/cloudStatus.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/export.cgi            (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/export_log.cgi        (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/getSDFile.cgi         (no reponse)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/go_sleep.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/import.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/index.cgi             (redirects to http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/adv_wizard.cgi ,
  equals Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/loadfile.cgi          (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/logout.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/mfg.cgi               (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/motWizard.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/mot_detect.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/music_button.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/netWizard.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/night_led.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/product_registration.cgi (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/reboot.cgi            (may cause reboot, but I received Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/recorder.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/reset.cgi             (WARNING this may reset the camera, or may cause camera to not work, but I clicked on it by accident and all I received was Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail, I don't recommend using this reset link.)

http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/schedule_profile_manager.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/siteSurvey.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/st_log.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_adv.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_home.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_men.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_status.cgi    (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/support_tools.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/telnetd.cgi           (FILE NOT FOUND, with .cgi?command=on at the end it becomes file forbidden)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/test_ftp_status.cgi   (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/test_mail_status.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/thermal_detection.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/tools_admin.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/tools_default.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/tools_system.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/uploadAudio.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/web_log.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/eng/admin/wireless_ate.cgi      (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/m/i/iVideo.html                 (blank page with a broken video player)
http://(ipaddr)/music/sdcard_play.cgi           (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/device_service            (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/event_service             (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/imaging_service           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/media_service             (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager             (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager00           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager01           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager02           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager03           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager04           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager05           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager06           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager07           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager08           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/notifyManager09           (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/onvifbox                  (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/ptz_service               (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager        (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager00      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager01      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager02      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager03      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager04      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager05      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager06      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager07      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager08      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/onvif/pullMessageManager09      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/play2/sdcard_download.cgi       (no response, may start download of entire sd card, may cause data usage)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/liveView.cgi                (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/liveView_debug.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/logout.cgi                  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/mainFrame.cgi               (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/mainFrame_debug.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/music_control.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_audio_detection.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_audiovideo.cgi    (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_ddns.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_do.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_firewall.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_godev.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_https.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_image.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_lan.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_privacy_mask.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_record.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_sdcard.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_snapshot.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_snapshot_cont.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_videoclip.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_wireless.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_wizard.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/alarm_out_action.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/apSiteSurvey.cgi      (file not found)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/ap_client.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/ap_router.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/audio_player.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/calibration.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_create.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_create_request.cgi (download?, txt file blank)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_property.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_remove.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_request_info.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cert_upload.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cloudLink.cgi         (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/cloudStatus.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/export.cgi            (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/export_log.cgi        (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/factoryUpdate.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/forceUpdate.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/getSDFile.cgi         (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/go_sleep.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/import.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/index.cgi             (redirects to http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/adv_wizard.cgi , Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/loadfile.cgi          (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/logout.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/mfg.cgi               (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/motWizard.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/mot_detect.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/music_button.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/netWizard.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/night_led.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/product_registration.cgi (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/reboot.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/recorder.cgi          (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/schedule_profile_manager.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/siteSurvey.cgi        (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/st_device.cgi         (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/st_log.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_ack.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_adv.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_home.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_men.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_status.cgi    (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/support_tools.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/telnetd.cgi           (FILE NOT FOUND, with ?command=on at the end makes it file forbidden)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/test_ftp_status.cgi   (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/test_mail_status.cgi  (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/thermal_detection.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/tools_admin.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/tools_default.cgi     (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/tools_firmware.cgi    (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/tools_leveloftrust.cgi (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/tools_system.cgi      (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/update.cgi            (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/update_status.cgi     (download?)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/uploadAudio.cgi       (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/web_log.cgi           (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/cgi/admin/wireless_ate.cgi      (no response, loads without loading)
http://(ipaddr)/config/audio.cgi                (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/auto_pan.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/auto_patrol.cgi          (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/config_auto_patrol.cgi   (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/io.cgi                   (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/privacy.cgi              (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_direction.cgi        (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_home.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_info.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_move.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_move_rel.cgi         (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_pos.cgi              (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_preset.cgi           (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/ptz_preset_list.cgi      (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/rs485.cgi                (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/rs485_do.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/rtspurl.cgi              (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sdcard_delete.cgi        (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sdcard_download.cgi      (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sdcard_format.cgi        (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sensor_reset.cgi         (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/sw_input.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/user_del.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/user_mod.cgi             (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/config/video.cgi                (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/dev/gpioCtrl.cgi                (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/dev/ir_ctrl.cgi                 (Error loading stylesheet, XSLT fail)
http://(ipaddr)/dev/speaker.cgi                 (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/dev/speaker2.cgi                (no response)
http://(ipaddr)/dev2/dgtalkie.cgi               (takes forever, no response)

Thanks for reading, from JJdaCool.

You are welcome to add more knowledge of D-Link DCS-825L firmware.

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Re: Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2017, 03:18:47 PM »

Thanks for posting this. Hope its helpful to future users.
Cable: 1Gb/50Mb>NetGear CM1200>DIR-882>HP 24pt Gb Switch. COVR-1202/2202/3902,DIR-2660/80,3xDGL-4500s,DIR-LX1870,857,835,827,815,890L,880L,868L,836L,810L,685,657,3x655s,645,628,601,DNR-202L,DNS-345,DCS-933L,936L,960L and 8000LH.


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Re: Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2017, 02:08:38 PM »

JJdaCool, I love you ! You saved my night.
I was searching how to set my DCS-825L in static network mode, in order toset an accessible gateway.
Thank you very very much !


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Re: Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2017, 06:35:36 AM »

Glad it helped. Enjoy.  ;)

JJdaCool, I love you ! You saved my night.
I was searching how to set my DCS-825L in static network mode, in order toset an accessible gateway.
Thank you very very much !
Cable: 1Gb/50Mb>NetGear CM1200>DIR-882>HP 24pt Gb Switch. COVR-1202/2202/3902,DIR-2660/80,3xDGL-4500s,DIR-LX1870,857,835,827,815,890L,880L,868L,836L,810L,685,657,3x655s,645,628,601,DNR-202L,DNS-345,DCS-933L,936L,960L and 8000LH.


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Re: Tips for DCS-825L firmware 1.08
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2017, 09:18:06 PM »

You're welcome.