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Title: DCS-933L does not work
Post by: dcsuser1234 on June 28, 2020, 04:33:05 AM
 Recently my DCS-933L camera does not work anymore (works well for 4 years).  The symptom is:
After I plug in the power cable,
1. The red LED (power) and the blue LED (wps) on camera's back both turn on.
2. After >10 seconds, both red LED and blue LED blink for serveral seconds, then both turn off.
3. After a while, the red LED turns on, meanwhile a IR-CUT clicking sound is heard.
4. The IR-CUT clicking sound happens 2~3 times again while the red LED keeps on.
5. Then the red LED turns off.
6. Soon step 1-5 are repeated.

I tried both wired and wireless connections, but neither works. In my router management, I did not see any assigned IP address to the camera.

I did not perform any firmware upgrade recently.

Then I followed steps described in https://eu.dlink.com/uk/en/support/faq/cameras-and-surveillance/dcs-series/dcs_recovery_procedures_after_bad_flash_firmware (https://eu.dlink.com/uk/en/support/faq/cameras-and-surveillance/dcs-series/dcs_recovery_procedures_after_bad_flash_firmware) to perform emergency recovery.

It works however, as my computer can access the emergency webpage at I then uploaded the latest firmware DCS-933L_A1_v1.15.01.bin.

But the symptom continues. Still the camera is unable to function. Still step 1-6 described above happens.

Anyone could help? Thanks.