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Author Topic: Wireless router password; Finding/Making  (Read 5015 times)


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Wireless router password; Finding/Making
« on: June 30, 2011, 10:40:14 AM »

I was trying to post this higher up in the forum to make it more.... general but can't seem to start new threads there.  So... decided to put it here where I can, and under the specific hardware I use.

I built a new HTPC but couldn't find my wireless network password.
I looked in the router and was greeted by asterisks; no joy.
Even tried to copy and paste the PW asterisks; no joy.

Searched and got little help other than resetting to a new PW.
I didn't want to just reset the router PW as I have other systems connected, including various far away devices my kids carry, that connect when they visit.

Searched some more....
Found the Nirsoft PW tool.
It works fine for WEP passwords which are stored in the registry in plain text.  It's a little more difficult for WPA passwords which are encrypted.  Supposedly it can bring these up too but it's problematic decrypting them, the trial software version may not pull them, they have to have been controlled by Windows Zero Config utility, and whatever it brings up is in hex.
Tried exporting my settings; the .gws file is hash.
Tried.... everything.....

Did I mention I have an utterly vicious PW?

Several days of searching ensued along with email to tech support.
I found an option!

This brings up the text hidden by the asterisks.
Basically it brings up whatever window is open.
I logged on the router, brought up the PW asterisks, and ran the utility.  I found my password, quickly copied and pasted it to a text file and was off and running.
It did not work on Firefox!
I opened IE, logged on, and as soon as the PW asterisks came up, the util, already running, popped up the actual PW.

This is NOT a PW your neighbor will accidentally stumble on;

And for those of you wanting real passwords, GRC generated this one for me;

Hope it helps those of you who misplaced your password and can't pull it from the router.  I ran across many many blog/forum posts looking for help, but little real help for my situation.  My can bet your butt I saved the util on the other systems.
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