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Title: Security Fix: Beta Firmware Version 1.01 build 7812-DCS-5605
Post by: Kakashi::. on May 01, 2013, 12:17:52 AM
Security is of the utmost importance to D-Link across all product lines, including surveillance, networking, storage, and entertainment solutions. After being alerted to the vulnerabilities by CORE Security Technologies, D-Link worked quickly and diligently to create patches for the affected cameras. D-Link IP Cameras Multiple Vulnerabilities (http://www.coresecurity.com/advisories/d-link-ip-cameras-multiple-vulnerabilities)
A full release of the firmware will be available within 30-days.
We are releasing Beta firmware with the security patch for customers who want to manually update their cameras immediately.

To download the Beta Firmware version for your DCS-5605 please click the link below:

Released Notes:

For help on how to update the firmware in your camera please see the link below: