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Author Topic: DNS-323 1.08 Beta Bug List / Improvement List  (Read 114126 times)


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Re: DNS-323 1.08 Beta Bug List / Improvement List
« Reply #105 on: February 24, 2010, 10:13:09 AM »

Enhancement request:

The new status page shows lots of great information such as Rx/Tx, temperature, uptime etc. It would be great if the fan speed (or at least on/off) was indicated on this page. Many use the device remotely and have no idea if the fan is running or not. This is conjunction with the temperature can be important information.

Similarly, knowing if the HDD's are in hibernation or not would be extremely useful.
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Re: DNS-323 1.08 Beta Bug List / Improvement List
« Reply #106 on: March 19, 2010, 10:57:30 PM »

[Feature Enhancements]
FTP montly bandwith upload and download limit
Add a feature of monthly bandwith upload and download limit per account would be good to gain control over the ftp activities. I think it might avoid receiving your bill at the end of the month with a bad surprise.

FTP User and Group support with per User Virtual Directories
So we can create virtual directories for groups or accounts with differant types of access to folders at differant locations on the DNS's hard drives. It would be nice to be able to share 1 specific folder for 2 distinct users or groups.

FTP Anti-flood Auto-ban IP (Anti-hammering)
Always in the optics of getting better protection, there could be a system that, after so many attemps (say 10...) with bad password/login in x time (example 1min) then your IP is banned from the DNS for (1hour/1week/always). Perhaps this would also be good against brute force or simply people trying to get in. And have a pannel to control these IP's to either keep them on that block list or unblock them (ex a friend tried too many times and just forgot his pwd).

But then, with these features I guess that would make the DNS-323...perfect?  :-X

In addition to these suggestions I made a while ago...

Automatic AES-128 folder/disk encryption
Just another feature to get more protection for our private data, specialy if the DNS has a door open such as an FTP server and you have backups/files such as your bills or other personnal documents. More and more NAS's are adding this feature, I think it's just normal these days.

Well, I guess I'll sit and wait for the next firmwares. Heh..

PS: Are there any of these features on the list for the next firmware already?
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