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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - User Poll Results - How is Your ShareCenter Configured?  (Read 6100 times)


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User Poll Results: How is your DNS-320/323/325 Configured?


  • This post describes the cumulative results of user polls conducted in the DNS-320, DNS-323, and DNS-325 boards measuring the ShareCenter hard drive (HDD) configuration preferences of two-bay ShareCenter owners. A total of 91 ShareCenter owners participated in these polls.

Quantitative Results

  • Exhibit 1 illustrates the HDD configuration preferences for DNS-320, DNS-323, and DNS-325 ShareCenter users distributed by number of votes
  • Exhibit 2 illustrates the HDD configuration preferences for DNS-320, DNS-323, and DNS-325 ShareCenter users distributed by percentage of votes

Exhibit 1 - HDD Configuration (Quantity of Users)

HDD Configuration     DNS-320   DNS-323   DNS-325   Average
Standard Volumes        25        13        4         42
RAID 1                  25         7        8         40
RAID 0                   1         0        3          4
JBOD                     4         0        1          5

Exhibit 2 - HDD Configuration (Percentage of Users)

HDD Configuration     DNS-320    DNS-323   DNS-325   Average
Standard Volumes       45.5%     65.0%     25.0%     46.2%
RAID 1                 45.5%     35.0%     50.0%     44.0%
RAID 0                  1.8%      0.0%     18.8%      4.4%
JBOD                    7.3%      0.0%      6.3%      5.5%


  • Results assume responders are representative of the general ShareCenter user population
  • Results are the cumulative responses from three independent polls (DNS-320, DNS-323, DNS-325)
  • Individual polls (DNS-320, DNS-323, DNS-325) were each held open for one calendar month
  • Each ShareCenter user was entitled to one vote, precluding multiple votes for users owning two or more ShareCenter devices
  • Results assume each of the 91 responders only voted on one of the three available polls (DNS-320, DNS-323, or DNS-325)


  • The results indicate a preponderance of users opted to configure their ShareCenters as Standard Volumes or RAID 1, with minimal affinity towards RAID 0 and JBOD
  • Since Standard Volumes and RAID 1 offer data redundancy or backup functionality, while RAID 0 and JBOD offer increased storage capacity, the results suggest  that uses favor data security over pure storage capacity. This conclusion does not consider the possibility that ShareCenter owners favoring RAID 0 or JBOD have a separate storage device for backup or redundancy purposes


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