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Author Topic: can't change router ip or specify a static IP for the internet connection  (Read 6003 times)


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Just bought a EBR-2310 for work.  It's to replace an occasionally flaky but usually functional Linksys router. The 2310 does work out of the box on my laptop (booting under Ubuntu Linux 7.10 or Windows XP.)  By out of the box: dynamic IP for the internet connection and as the router IP, my laptop configured for dynamic IP under Linux or XP. However, I need to change the internet connection to static IP as well as change the router IP so we  can use it on our network. So  I configured the new router with all the same (working) addresses and subnet masks as in the old one. I do have all correct the addresses and masks I need from the old router.  So I got everything good to go, rebooted my computer, and restarted the router, and was unable to access anything on the internet, whether with names or IP addresses. I of course did this twice, once under Linux and once under XP; well, actually many times under each as I thrashed and tried things.  Under Linux, I could ssh to my own IP address, that was all.  I'm sort of at my wits end and ready to try a different make, maybe a new Linksys? Could the EBR-2310 I bought just be a bad egg? I don't think that could be it, otherwise it wouldn't have worked at all. I have set up a Linksys router at home before but I always just used dynamic IPs there; maybe I'm missing something. BTW, I'm  not a network person, just an applications programmer at a  very small company who tries to fumble through sys admin tasks when necessary.


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If your work network is configured to only allow certain MAC addresses, the behavior would be like you described.

Idea #1:  Using the WAN-side MAC address from the Linksys, can you plug that MAC address in to the Setup - Internet Settings - Manual Internet Connection Setup. 

Idea #2:  Figure out how to register a new MAC address on your work network.