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How to disable WPS? WPS Security Issue. I'm vulnerable, and I can't turn it off.

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Hi there.

I have a dlink dir 822, hardware c1, with the 3.02b05 firmware (latest).

WPS is vulnerable and this is not cool at all. What is the problem to improve the GUI like on the old models that had a great advanced GUI.  :'(

It's easy to crack the WPS :o >:( , and I can not find a way to disable it.  ???

How can DLink help me?



* What region are you located?
WPS is only active if you use it. WPS vulnerability was fixed a long while ago from what I was told.

Lets keep my region aside for a while.  ;)

This is a major problem. :o

It seems that WPS is not just activated when the button is pressed.

Any further ideas?

So do you need WPS activated then?
How are you determining is not working?

We are having some miss communication  ???

I need WPS Deactivated, and there is just No Way to do it. (Good GUI, with poor and few options)

It's working by default, easy to check with many tools

It's a common android app, on play store, but with root privileges, it hacked the WPS and returned my WiFi key within couple minutes or less. 3 meters far, plus a door on the way.


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