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I couldn't even find a thread on this forum for this device I bought, the DAP-2020. The manual is atrocious. I connected it to a D-Link switch, which is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. The "manual" told me to go to http://dlinkap, which doesn't work half the time, and go through a "simple setup". Well, I get no internet once it's set-up. And when one of my phones does connect to the WLAN, the speed is around 5 Mbit/s, and it should be 200. The "manual" tells me to "make sure that the Clone MAC address option is ticked during Wizard installation", whatever that means. I don't see that anywhere. Why is this so complicated and poorly executed? There's zero information online about this product.

So I bypassed the switch and now it has internet. But the speed is atrocious, while the signal strength is better than before. How do I switch this thing to 5 GHz and how do I get 200 Mbps wireless in the room where the AP is? Also, why doesn't it work when going through a D-Link switch?


* What Hardware version is your DAP? Look at the sticker under the DAP.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DAPs web page under status.
* What region are you located?What is the mfr and model# of the main host router?
What is the distance between the DAP and main host router? 30 feet is recommended between the main host router and DAP depending on building materials.
What is the model# of the LAN switch being used?
Are you setting up the DAP for wired AP mode?

H/W version A2
1.00 firmware; the newer one hasn't changed anything anyway, as per the readme. And I don't know how to install it.
European Union.

Router is Sercom Speedport plus provided by ISP.
It's less than 30 feet.
Switch is dlinkgo GO-SW-8G.
Setting up DAP as Access Point.

Without the switch I get around 60 Mbit/s, which is the same as before on the 2.4 GHz mode. The signal is stronger. My wired internet is 200 Mbit/s, which is what I get on my iPhone when connected to WiFi on 5 GHz. How do I get consistent high speed in my living room using the DAP-2020 with a switch?

If you setup the DAP in AP mode, it should get an IP address from the host router. Look at the host routers connected clients table to see if the DAP IP appears there. If you see it listed there, you can access the DAPs web page using this IP address.

If you connect a wired PC to the switch, does it get internet with the switch?

The switch transmits internet, I plugged the cable from it to the STB and it worked. The IP of the DAP is listed when I go to the connected clients, even with the switch. It just doesn't provide an internet connection. Or the speeds are unusable.


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