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Trying to use DAP-1513 with a Mac


I have several iMacs, they connect wirelessly to an AirPort Extreme.  I have also created an Ethernet link with a switch between the  iMacs for high speed data transfer for which the latency of the wireless network is insufficient.  However, while using both the Ethernet and WIFI connections, the WIFI connection wonít re-lease an IP.  So, my solution was to have a DAP-1513 connected to the Ethernet switch, to wirelessly connect to the Airport and through the Ethernet switch to the 2 iMacs.  The DAP-1513 seems to find the Airport wireless service OK (green wireless light remains on).

I have fixed IPís on my 2 Macs,  I canít connect to the internet via the switch then the DAP-1513.  I see that the DAP-1513 has an IP syntax 192.168.0.x, so I changed the fixed IP on the Macs but still no go.  I have also entered the Airport router IP on the Macs in the ďRouterĒ field (  Still no go. Obviously Iím doing something wrong.  Any ideas?  Thanks. 

Are you using the DAP in wireless extender mode or ethernet AP client mode? If you have the DAP connected via ethernet, the DAP needs to be in AP mode, not extender mode thats connected to your main host router wirelessly. Can't be connected this way at the same time. Either Extender mode or wired AP mode...

What is the Mfr and model# of this network switch your using?

Thanks-  please excuse my ignorance,  I;m trying to join an Ethernet network (through a switch) to a wireless network.  Is a wireless bridge not the answer?  If it is the answer, how do i configure the bridge?  The switch is a Netgear GS605.  Thanks for your reply.

If your wanting to set up the DAP as a wireless access point in a remote location using Ethernet connection, then the DAP should be set up to use AP mode, not extender or wireless bridge.
Main host router><Ethernet><Netgear switch><Ethernet<>DAP in AP mode that's LAN connected to LAN port on switch.
I don't know if this model DAP supports AP mode...Check the user manual.

If your wanting to connect a Ethernet client device to the back of the DAP and use it as a wireless bridge, then follow this:
Main host router wifi><DAP wirelessly connected to main host router wireless<>Ethernet connected PC/device to the back of the DAP.


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