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Does DAP3310 support VLAN when in "wireless client"-mode?



I have two VLANs configured on my switch. VLAN1 and VLAN 2.
Vlan 1 is for normal network. VLAN 2 is guest network.
I have configured port 8 to be tagged on both vlan:s
Port 1-7 is for VLAN 1, Port 9-16 is for VLAN 2.
Port 8 is connected to an Access Point with two SSIDs mapped to specificed vlan:s.

This configuration works good with normal clients. But I one DAP3310 configured in "wireless client"-mode, that connects to the AP wireless:ly and then I can use a wire to connect to the client (the client does not support wifi).

The problem is that when the client connects by wire to the "wireless client" it will get an ip but it is not able to reach the firewall. The ping traffic seems to stop at the switch. I suspect that the problem is that theDAP3310 does not attach VLAN:ids in the way it should.

I have tried to remove the VLAN-configuration from AP and switch and then the DAP3310 works perfect. So it seems likely that it has something to do with the VLAN-configuration or that the DAP3310 does not function together with VLANs in "wireless client"-mode?

Anyone know how I can configure DAP3310 in "wireless client"-mode and function together with my VLANs? Since the DAP3310 is connected to the guest network, I want the wired client to be on VLAN 2.



* What Hardware version is your DAP? Look at the sticker under the DAP.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the DAPs web page under status.
* What region are you located?


--- Quote ---I suspect that the problem is that theDAP3310 does not attach VLAN:ids in the way it should.
--- End quote ---

Why should DAP-3310 attach VLAN IDs? VLAN IDs can't be transferred through a wireless network! If you use DAP-3310 in "wireless client" mode, any VLAN configuration for DAP-3310 is useless, hence switch it off. For your DAP-3310 you just should have to configure the SSID for your guest WLAN, the DAP-3310 shall connect to. It is your WLAN access point that assigns the VLAN-ID 2 to any wireless traffic that gets bridged from your guest WLAN to your wired network.


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