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Title: DCS Network Cameras - Should I Use DHCP, Static IP, or Reserved IP Address?
Post by: JavaLawyer on February 12, 2014, 08:50:41 AM
The protocol a D-Link network camera uses to connect to a router may cause issues if not properly configured. This FAQ entry describes the different ways a D-Link network camera can connect to a network and the pros and cons of each approach.

1. Basic Definitions

2. DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHCP is the default configuration a new D-Link network camera is configured for out-of-the-box. Using DHCP, when the camera connects to a router, the router will assign an IP address to the camera that falls within the valid IP address range defined for the router.

DHCP IP address assignment rules:

Sample scenario:

3. Reserving an IP Address

Reserving an IP address is configured from the router web UI (not the network camera). Using this option, the end-user selects a specific IP address for the network camera and reserves the IP address in the router. The reserved IP address will always be made available for the network camera, even if the camera disconnects/reconnects to the network.

Reserved IP address rules:

Sample scenario:

4. Static IP Address

A static IP address is configured in the D-Link network camera web UI (not the router). A static IP address forces the router to assign a specific IP address to the camera each and every time the camera connects to the router. However, there are circumstances where the router may not be able to provide the IP address requested by the network camera.

Static IP address rules:

Sample scenario:

5. Best Approach: Reserved IP Address

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