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Title: Deactivate or remove mydlink account
Post by: chaitanyakumar0 on June 04, 2016, 10:25:25 AM

I have been using dlink dir 600l router from more than 2 years ago. Not sure why sometimes all of a sudden, my settings will reset. When I search for my ssid, i wont get it. Instead, it shows me default dlink name. I have to set pwd, change all the settings again. More than 1 year ago, same thing happened. I have set everything again and took backup. I have added mydlink setting in that backup. Day before yesterday again same thing happened and i lost all my settings. When I looked for my wifi ssid, default dlink is shown. I have quickly restored from the recent backup I have. Now the issue is, in my dlink portal(, it shows dlink is activated and setting option is grayed out. But if I login to https://in.mydlink.com/device, it says, Your account has no devices.

Now I am trying to remove mydlink from my router and start the mydlink activation part freshly. Can someone suggest how can I do that?

Title: Re: Deactivate or remove mydlink account
Post by: FurryNutz on June 07, 2016, 07:07:14 AM

You have to log into your regional mydlink account via a web browser and remove the router from your mydlink account there.

Be sure your setting up a admin PW on the routers web page and not giving any wifi PWs out. Do not give the routers admin web page PW out either.
Be sure nobody is accessing the router it self and using the reset button in back. Place the router in a locked room.