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Author Topic: 942L not obeying trigger=motion when configured to send snapshots over email  (Read 14085 times)

Tom Peterson

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On my new 942l, after 5 days of usage and tinkering with various settings, I cannot get the camera to obey the trigger=motion when configured to send snapshots over email. It does work when configured to send snapshots over email with trigger=always.

Interesting enough the trigger=motion works just fine to upload snapshots to FTP.
Yes, it uploads the pictures correcty on FTP detecting correctly movements, but it would not send those over email.
To me it looks like a bug in the firmware that I have now a 100% repro.

Questions :
Is this a known problem? Are there any logs you want me to send to you for debugging?
And : Is there a known workaround I can apply (reboot, resetup etc)?

Detailed description of the problem:
I have setup the camera to upload snapshots to FTP AND send them over email for trigger=motion.
This is what works : the snapshots are nicely uploaded on FTP , but not sent over email.
Interesting : if I set trigger=always, snapshots will both be uploaded to FTP and sent over email. The moment I switch back to trigger=motion they go only to FTP and not over email.
Even more interesting : the video clips work correctly with either email or FTP for trigger=motion.

What could cause this?
The email (account, port, password) and FTP settings are definitely not a problem since I see pictures/videos in email or FTP with trigger=always.
The motion settings are not a problem either since snapshots upload correctly on FTP when movements are detected.
What it apears to be is the software is not reading or obeying correctly a certain combination of settings.

I'm wondering if it has to do with the fact that for video clips the "email" and "ftp" are exclusive, but for snapshots they are allowed simultaneously. And somehow the logics get mixed up causing certain combinations of settings to now act out?

What else I tried?
I tried many reboots, unplug followed by plug back in and so on.
I tried saving and restoring the settings to/from a file hoping that will "reset" something.
And I tried many combinations of settings, including changing the order I set and unset hoping a different code path that works will be hit.
I did not try a restore to factory defaults since I installed the camera in a hard to reach place and if I restore to factory defaults i need to take it down connect it to a cable in order to redo the wifi settings.

Your help is appreciated.
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3D Accuracy

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    • 3D Accuracy


Have you found a way to resolve this issue? I'm experiencing the same problem with all 4 cameras I purchased and I'd like to solve it soon. Any input would be appreciated.

Have a terrific weekend!


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I will post this issue in the "Firmware Wishlist" sticky at the top of the DCS-942L board.
Find answers here: D-Link ShareCenter FAQ I D-Link Network Camera FAQ
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Tom Peterson

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I have not been able to fix this.

The combination of settings that I was able to make work  - and closest to what I need is:
- Send the video clip thru email
- AND post the snap-shots on FTP

If a solution or workaround is found please post.


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We have had issues with the motion detection on the 942L. Basically the 942L is being used to send snapshots via ftp (and record on the SD). When an odd shaped pattern is used as the motion mask, the camera decides to send snapshots every few moments - even when there is no motion.

Once the camera goes into this state the sensitivity can be set down to 1 and the mask reduced to one spot, yet the camera keeps sending snapshots.

The only solution so far (which works like a charm) is to hard reset the camera and reconfigure with a simple square or rectangular motion mask. This same "lurking problem" may be causing the motion related behavior being reported here and this might be cleared with the same hard reset technique.

To hard reset insert a paper clip in the hole on the back labeled RESET withe power on until the light starts flashing (at least 3 seconds). This sets the parameters back to the factory defaults.


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It Worker, 3 camera installed for my client issuing the same problem,  in one hour and half more than 374 emails sent.

I tried many different options and settings nothing works.



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I change the setting to one email by motion detection, and one video.

From 00H44 to 23h24  -- 613 Emails were sent !!!

my client is completely upset by this problem, and ask me for a refund.

Firmware Version1.02
Firmware Build Number1029

A solution is needed, urgently.


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@reymac: Same problem here. But I am the client and provider!