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Author Topic: DIR-655 and Static IP/DNS  (Read 8477 times)


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DIR-655 and Static IP/DNS
« on: August 14, 2009, 12:47:20 PM »

I kept having a problem where I would lose my connection to the internet after my cable modem would reboot which would make the router renew its IP.

The DIR-655 would seem to just lose the ability to send any data over the WAN to the modem. Reboots did not work and only after doing a hard reset of the router could I get the internet back. I could still see the router and go to the status page. I had an external public IP and everything looked normal, just no data flow. It looked like all DNS requests were going nowhere according to the log. Even trying to ping from the test page in the router did not work.

I started changing settings and came upon an odd thing. I had been assigning my PC's static IPs and static DNS servers in their own network settings, BUT if I changed the PC's over to DHCP and let the router give them the IP and the DNS servers everything worked normal after a modem reboot.

I am NOT using DNS relay, I just set the OpenDNS servers as the ones to use in router and I let the router pass the DNS IP's onto the PC's. For some reason letting it work like this instead of putting the numbers directly into the computers works. I even gave them static DHCP assignments so they would always get the same IP and it kept on working.

Something about giving PC's static IP's seems to have been causing a conflict in the router and making it lock up.

Point of information--- my original static IP's were outside of the range I allowed the DHCP server to assign, so it was not an address conflict.

Don't know how or why, but for now this seems to have solved my lock up issue.
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Re: DIR-655 and Static IP/DNS
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2009, 03:41:02 PM »

Mine was doing great for over week and I began to get the lock-up issues.  After disabling DNS relay, I had the exact same problem--since the router is no longer the DNS server.  Thankfully, DHCP reservation allowed everything to function again.