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DCS-2630L - Firmware 1.05.02 Released


Firmware 1.05.02 released.

Download firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-2630L/REVA/

Release Notes:

New Features:
1. Upgrade mydlink agent to v2.2.0-b52
2. Upgrade ActiveX/Plugin for D-Link auto sign certificate.
3. Change SD card format tools to GPLv2 package.
4. Update ActiveX/Plugin for Windows to and Plugin for Mac OS to v1.0.0.64 and refine copyright to 2017
5. Support DLink NTPd Specification
6. Update wireless driver tov4.4.5_24888.20171101_BTCOEX20151228-664a for WPA2 issue.

Issues Fixed:
1. Fix motion sensitivity set to 0%, it still can trigger motion.
2. Support HTTPS for new mydlinkLite
3. Fix time sync fail if the primary DNS is incorrect.
4. To resolve case [HQ20161104000008-Singapore]
5. Fixing unable to connect to wireless AP which use special characters ~`!@#$%^&*()_+-={}|\][:"';/.,<>? as the SSID.
6. Add REGION_22_A_BAND and REGION_23_A_BAND for Taiwan and Russia
7. Fix bug which fails to connect to wireless router when channel is 165 and enable 11ac 80MHz bandwidth
8. Add Web RSA password encryption.
9. Change WebUI to use digest authentication
10. Add new message on weg GUI for not support live streaming on Firefox v52 and above.
11. Adjust the 5GHz band transmittance power for Russia.


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