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I would like to request a feature in any upcoming firmware updates... hopefully more sooner than later....  My request is for the ability to set a schedule for each day of the week instead of one time schedule for every day of the week.  I have a fluctuating schedule on 3 days of the week in which I am home later into the day and so I have to continually modify the schedule to accomodate these odd days.

I second that.
Also, I'd like Chromecast added as a feature, e.g., Chromecast Icon added to the MyDlink Android app, so the video can be cast directly to a HDTV via Chromecast.  You can cast the video using Chromecast, but you have to cast your phones screen, which is an extra step.

I'd like to see a log of any activity the camera picks up.  That way if I want to go through the recording, I know approximately when something happens. 

Yes, I get the notification that motion was detected, but once I dismiss it, it can't be viewed again.  A log kept online would be a big help.

I have both 2630L cameras and 2330L cameras.  In the 2330L wireless settings area of the camera webpage the cameras shows the signal strength of the different wifi SSIDs as you select the different options.  This is useful when setting up wireless cameras and multiple of your own SSIDs are available.  The 2630L cameras are missing this feature.  Would be nice to have this.

Can we please have the date and hour folders in the FTP upload feature for images and video as optional please.
I can't get this camera to upload to the Zipato FTP server because the FTP server doesn't allow creating folders. It only allows to upload files.


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