• May 25, 2022, 03:06:00 PM
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Author Topic: VLAN setup on DGS-3620-52T edge switches through a DXS-3600-32S core switch  (Read 9130 times)


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Hello everyone ,
I need to setup a VLAN for KVM traffic separation on my network. I have to connect KVM emitters on a DGS-3620-52T to receivers on another DGS-3620-52T, through a DXS-3600-32S core switch.
So my plan is to create a specific VLAN for KVM traffic (VLAN 1000), and let the rest on default VLAN 1.
I can setup VLANs on each edge switch without issue (and the traffic is correctly separated locally), but I loose connection to the core switch when I try to tag my VLAN trunks on my uplink ports (the VLAN is also created on the core switch, and the uplink ports are also in "trunk" VLAN mode). I feel it is a setup error on my part, but I need help to resolve this : maybe I don't understand clearly how to configure this setup...
More specifically, I think I should tag the uplink ports to the allowed VLANs. But when I do this on the edge switches (just tagging my new VLAN, because the other is the native/default one), I loose connection on both VLANs (1 and 1000). Also, there is no clear way to tag the ports on the core switch without using the "hybrid" mode, which I'd like to avoid if possible, to keep it as simple as possible.
Thanks in advance for any tips you can throw my way :)