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Author Topic: DCS-9XX - Motion Detection Settings  (Read 29608 times)


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DCS-9XX - Motion Detection Settings
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:16:37 PM »

This procedure describes how to configure motion detection on DCS-9XX series IP cameras.


  • Log into the web interface
  • Navigate to SETUP > Motion Detection
  • Set Motion Detection to Enable
  • Sensitivity settings
    • Selecting a high sensitivity (e.g. 90%) will make the DCS-9XX more sensitive to motion. The higher the percentage, the more easily the DCS-9XX will detect subtle movements
    • Selecting a low sensitivity (e.g. 5%) will make the DCS-9XX less sensitive to motion. Entering a low percentage will cause the DCS-9XXL to only detect very drastic movements
  • Detection Areas setting
    • The DCS-9XX will only detect motion in areas containing a blue grid
    • The DCS-9XX will ignore motion in areas not containing a blue grid

If your DCS-9XX is either too sensitive to motion or not detecting any motion, start testing Sensitivity values starting on the extreme end of the scale (i.e. 99% or 1%) and work your way inward (i.e. lower or higher) until the desired motion detection results are achieved.

Many DCS-930L/932L users reported motion Sensitivity values in the range of 5% to 10% to be adequate for their motion detection purposes. The optimal value for your DCS-930L/932L will depend, in part, on the ambient lighting and degree of background motion (e.g. tree leaves rustling) in the camera field of view.

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