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Title: VLAN Passthrough DGS-1100-24
Post by: gargalatas on February 02, 2017, 12:26:03 AM
Hello to the forum!

I am using many Dlink switches for my customers but now I have a wierd problem and I would like to ask you:

So I have a VLAN crossing several (2 maybe 3) DLink switches of many types and the VLAN works perfectly although the middle switches are not manageable! So I have one managed siwtch in one side with the VLAN which is connected to other 2 or three switches that are not managed and reaches the other end of the VLAN which is again a Managed switch. This setup works perfectly!
But now I replace one of those unmanaged switches with a DGS-100-24 and the VLAN is gone. DGS-1100 does not allow the LVAN packets!
So the question is how am I gonna make this DGS-1100 switch which at the time has a default configuration to allow the VLAN packets that doesn't know to cross it.

Thanks in advance