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Author Topic: Major problems with updating DSM-520 from 1.02 to 1.06.01  (Read 4269 times)


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Major problems with updating DSM-520 from 1.02 to 1.06.01
« on: January 15, 2009, 08:15:07 PM »

I just borrowed my stepfather's DSM-520 while he's out of town. I should preface this whole report by mentioning that I have a computer science degree and I'm very familiar with embedded linux devices and busybox.

I plugged the unit in, setup the network, etc.  Then I went to the version screen, checked for updates, and downloaded the newest firmware version. The progress bar got all the way to 100%, the entire screen went green, then the unit rebooted. I assume (because it wasn't indicated) that the firmware version that was downloaded was the most recent one, 1.06.01. Before upgrade, the unit was running 1.02.

When it rebooted, the usual Media Lounge opening title and image appeared, followed shortly thereafter by an empty blue dialog box (that looked like it should contain something) with an "OK" button. I clicked the "Enter" button on my remote, the box disappeared and the Media Lounge opening title and image remained. The usual media selection screen never comes up. The "Setup" button on the remote brings up the home Setup screen, but no text is present.  Upon further inspection, I found that NONE of the menus have any text.

I found some unofficial posts on the web, detailing how to trick the device into downgrading by modifying entries in the DSM-520-VerInfo.txt and using a 1.02 firmware image file. First I tried this from two different USB drives, but the dialog box never came up either time. So, instead, I setup an anonymous FTP server on my network, turned on the telnet daemon, logged into the CLI, modified the firmware update address in the /tmp/conf/config file to be the IP of my FTP server (using "cfg -sav" to save the setting), then tried to run the firmware update via the on screen display. It didn't work, but once again I can't see any of the menu text, so I'm not real sure what the the dialog boxes said. One momentarily came up with a "Cancel" button (presumably the update checking process) and the other had an "OK" button which did nothing.

So, I resorted to using the reset switch on the back of the unit, 20 seconds. When it came back on, all video output was in black and white. I was able to get the network back up and running, even without having any text. However, I was unable to telnet back in, even after issuing the [menu], [up], [up], [down], [2] button sequence at the version screen. Again, since the only thing in the menu system that has text is the buttons, I had to navigate by vague clues and memory.

Any idea what I can do here?  Is there some kind of hardcore low-end way of flashing the firmware on this god-forsaken device???
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Re: Major problems with updating DSM-520 from 1.02 to 1.06.01
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2009, 10:08:35 AM »

No. Unfortunately this is not a supported function on this device. you will need to contact technical support via telephone to receive a replacement unit.
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