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Title: Fast file transfer (NAS to NAS)
Post by: stutzjr on December 30, 2015, 07:20:06 PM
I'm in the process if transferring / duplicating the contents of my old DNS-323 to a new DNS-340L.  Each of these NAS units currently contain a single Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB drive (both were previously in the DNS-323).  Before setting up the new NAS I transferred all the data on the old NAS onto one of the drives and moved the empty drive over to the new NAS.  I have no intention of using a RAID setup.

At this stage until the drive in the new NAS reaches capacity (it will be around 2/3 full), I will leave the old DNS-323 as a standby backup offline and disconnected.  Going on from there I may continue to leave it that way if I decide to purchase additional new drives.

Anyway I wanted to ask about the best / fastest way to transfer the drive contents from the old NAS to the new one.  They are both connected via a gigabit ethernet switch and/or router.  I am currently copying the data one root folder at a time using "copy"/"paste" using two file browser windows on my Windows 10 machine.  There's about 20 root/parent folders totaling about 300 GB of mixed data and at this rate I'm getting an average speed of 10 MB/s (20MB/s peak) according to Windows.  Assuming each folder is a similar size I'm about 1/4 done already.  I'm not in any particular hurry, but I did wonder if there's a faster way to perform this copy process?  I know it seems to take a lot longer to copy many small files than fewer large files.
Title: Re: Fast file transfer (NAS to NAS)
Post by: ivan on December 31, 2015, 04:37:34 AM
The DNS-323 has the ability to backup files and folders to another device and using that is direct NAS to NAS rather then NAS to computer to NAS.

Login to the DNS-323 and select 'applications', then select 'schedule download', fill in the required information (don't forget to test using the 'test' button) and then let the units get on with the job.

BTW. it is all detailed in the DNS-323 manual.
Title: Re: Fast file transfer (NAS to NAS)
Post by: stutzjr on December 31, 2015, 06:01:22 AM
Thanks Ivan,
Wish I'd seen this earlier..  I set one of the last big folders to copy earlier and it says 6 hours estimated to go and I'm just heading off to bed now anyway (It's 1 AM here now lol)  Happy new year from 2016!