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Author Topic: Dir-655 as an Access point  (Read 7086 times)


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Dir-655 as an Access point
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:35:47 AM »


I currently have an unused DIR-655 that I want to use as an Access Point for a garage apartment. In this case my internet connection is DSL using a 2wire 2701HG-B modem. I will be connecting the DIR-655 to a wired ethernet cable that connects to a DLink DGS-2205 switch before connecting to the 2wire modem (all by cable).

I have found several resources here* that were very informative and made this seem simple but after a couple of hours trying I must admit I need help.

The layout I'm trying to achieve is...

DSL 2wire 2701HG-B modem >>> Computer A
DSL 2wire 2701HG-B modem >>> DLink DGS-2205 switch  >>> Dir-655 as an Access point

So first I installed the Dir-655 on Computer A as if it going to be my primary router. While doing this the Dir-655 requires the DSL model to be on and is connected using the Internet port and not one of the four LAN ports. When I setup the wireless netwok I am giving it the same name and key as the 2wire modem but on a different channel. I understand that if I do this a device will automatically switch between the two based upon which has the best connection. This not surprisingly works fine and a laptop can see both networks with the same name. (As an aside the DIR-655 Network shows as being 4-5 times faster than the 2wire).

I then went into the WAN interface but got all sorts of errors when I changed to a static IP and tried to change the IP settings ("WAN subnet conflicts with LAN subnet", "invalid WAN ip gateway address", "must be within the WAN subnet" etc) which is why I need help. I now wonder whether this is because I still had both modems connected.

Hence I think my questions are...
1) Before I try to change the Dir-655 to a static IP how should my modems be connected? Should both still be connected or just the Dir-655? Should this still be connected to internet of LAN-1?
2) What IP Address, Default Gateway and DNS Servers should I use?
3) Then I un-enable Advanced DNS, un-enable DHCP server, anything else? Do I need to change the router settings as mentioned in the last resource below?

All help greatly appreciated

*other resources I used:
Bridge Mode vs Relay vs Acess Point (AP) / Routers vs Dedicated Access Points (AP)

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