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Author Topic: WAN and LAN Connection Rates and ISP Speeds  (Read 15492 times)


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WAN and LAN Connection Rates and ISP Speeds
« on: September 18, 2015, 10:56:23 AM »

WAN Port Speeds
Current physical WAN and LAN connection rate is rated up to 1000Mb on D-Link routers that support the 1000Mb spec. This is the physical plug (RJ45 - CAT5/6) connection rate between the ISP modem that may support up to 1000Mb speeds on most current ISP modems/ONT depending on actual ISP modem support. Actual Download and Upload ISP data speeds are actual data transfer rates from the data stream through the ISP modem from the ISP service through there services and through a router. Most common average ISP speeds seen are from 50mb to over 100Mb speeds. Newer Fiber and ONT ISP speeds over this, 1Gb and 2Gb speeds which some ISPs are now deploying recently which maybe business class service or some home class service and or a Fiber system, 1 or 2 Gbps ISP speed connections would require a 10 Gbps physical connection link rate to function at their Max throughput speed and performance. Using the 1000mb connection rated speed on D-Link routers will not achieve the 2Gb throughput speeds that users may pay for. D-Link does not have any 10Gb supporting networking devices at this time for home consumers, however may in the future. Users should disable any QoS features or use the AP mode feature and change from a router to a wired AP for best performance as mush as possible. To disable QoS, just remove any devices from the QoS priority assignment sections and this will not activate the QoS features or disable QoS check mark box on those old generation routers with the check box feature.

If QoS has been configured then disabled and speeds are not near 900Mb+-, factory reset the router and set up from scratch. DO NOT TOUCH or Enable QoS. Leave it along. Set up wireless then speed test again with a Ethernet wired PC to see if speeds are to spec.

Addition Resources:

Note: Some older model routers may not have the ability to process and handle ISP traffic at higher speeds that consumers are seeing now with ISP services. Some model routers that are 8 and 10 years old or older, such as the DGL-4500, DIR-655/825 may only handle up to 200-300Mb throughput speeds on the WAN side of the router due to CPU and FW limitations. On some routers, Cut-Through or Hardware NAT Acceleration is needed to attain near 900Mb speeds. Some older routers don't have these features. This may have been how these model routers were designed at the time for ISP speeds seen 10+ years ago were not much over 100Mb. Now days ISPs are supporting speeds upwards of 900Mb and 1Gb on the WAN side. User will need to consider getting into a newer model router than can support higher ISP support speeds.

Users can run there own WAN port speed test to see if there router supports 900Mb +- on there routers:
Router WAN to LAN Throughput Speed Test Tool

Older Router Models
NOTE: Some older DIR series model routers do not or will not support seeing 900Mb WAN speed tests(circa 2013 and older). Due to the age. technology at the time, and hardware limitation of older DIR series routers, older router speed tests will show slow speeds and probably not much over 200-300Mb down on the WAN side on 500Mb to 1Gb ISP speed services. DIR-880L and newer routers should support 900Mb WAN down speeds. I recommend that users and consumers contact D-Link support and ask them which model router would best be suited for there ISP speeds and any future proofing.

Good Luck.
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