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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - RAID Resizing  (Read 7395 times)


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DNS ShareCenter - RAID Resizing
« on: April 19, 2012, 10:01:58 AM »

The ShareCenter series does not presently support RAID resizing.

What is RAID Resizing?

RAID resizing is the automatic resizing of a RAID array when a new HDD of a different size is swapped into an existing RAID array. Using RAID resizing, the usable storage of each HDD is based on the size of the smallest HDD in an existing RAID array. For example, if a RAID-1 array is created with two HDDs of size 1TB and 2TB, the RAID-1 array will format both HDDs as 1TB and 1TB (resulting in 1TB of lost space on one HDD). Using RAID resizing, swapping out the 1TB HDD with a 2TB HDD would cause the RAID-1 array to reconfigure as two HDDs with a usable storage space of 2TB and 2TB with no data loss during the reconfiguration process.

Increasing RAID Size on a ShareCenter

  • Move all data from the ShareCenter to a secure storage location
  • Power down the ShareCenter and remove the existing HDDs
  • Insert higher capacity HDDs (the size of the RAID will be determined by the capacity of the smallest HDD)
  • Format/configure the new RAID array
  • Move all data to the new RAID array
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