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Author Topic: DIR-505 as Wireless Bridge, Client  (Read 11633 times)


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DIR-505 as Wireless Bridge, Client
« on: December 03, 2016, 10:13:34 AM »

I discovered an old thread when I was trying to figure out a solution for getting a cheap wireless bridge for a store's Point of sale (POS) system. I spend perhaps a few hours figuring things out and finally got it to work.

DIR505 Can work as a wireless bridge to connect to your main router wirelessly (bridges) and shares that connection with the built-in ethernet port.

The POS needs to actually access the Internet to work, but would only take an wired connection. I got it to work, and also tested this on a PC too. The speed within the indoor distance is very nice, almost at the full bandwidth of my connection.

Here is what I did. I set the DIR505 as a Repeater, then hid its SSID since I don't really want it to repeat. Then I set the LAN IP to within the subnet of the main wifi router the 505 is connecting to (as a client) without conflicting with main router DHCP server settings.

i.e. My main router is in 192.168.1.xxx, so I set make sure the main router only assigns IP from DIR505 would have a static IP of and submask of and gateway of (if needed)

Then I disabled the DHCP server function on the DIR505, since I don't want it to touch IP assignment at all. Then I need to set my POS to a static setting that'll work with the main router.

Gateway: (Main router IP)

Up to this point, this would've worked for any device within the LAN (ie. Network printer), but since my POS needs internet access, so I need DNS as well to resolve the name address. My DHCP is disabled on DIR505 and the main router isn't assigning anything to the POS with 505 in-between, so I had to manually set the DNS setting.

Prim DNS:
Sec DNS:

(Those are Google DNS IP's)

After that, reboot first the 505, then the POS (or PC), it will work right after the reboot. The wiring is as simple as: DIR505 --- POS.  The main router is sittings somewhere in the other room.

Hope this helps for anyone who's still using DIR505. It's more useful than we had expected!


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Re: DIR-505 as Wireless Bridge, Client
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 08:00:33 AM »

Thanks for posting this. The 505 and 505L are known models to officially support Wireless Bridge mode:

There maybe a menu item on the 505 that users and use to switch to wireless bridge mode as well.

Hope your info will be additional help for future users.
Enjoy.  ;)
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