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Author Topic: DNS ShareCenter - My ShareCenter Fan is Noisy - Fan Maintenance and Cleaning  (Read 10478 times)


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If your ShareCenter fan seems to have gotten noisier than it used to be and there were no significant changes to your ShareCenter, the internal fan(s) may require cleaning. Dirt/dust build-up on the fan blades can cause an imbalance, resulting in more noise than usual.  The build-up of dirt and debris on the fan blades also increases the overall weight of the fan blades, causing the motor to work harder and spin slower, which can impact the ability to cool the ShareCenter and reduce the life of the fan.

Cleaning Procedure

  • While holding the fan blades in place with one hand, use a small half-inch paint brush to remove dust and debris from the fan blades and fan assembly
  • If you use compressed air or a mechanical blower to clean the fan, make sure to firmly hold the fan blades in place to prevent the fan from spinning. Forcing the fan to spin faster than designed using an external air source is likely to reduce the fan life.
  • Clean any dirt or debris obstructing the ventilation on the ShareCenter case.

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